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한국 CATV 정책결정구조 분석

한국 CATV 정책결정구조 분석
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(An) Analysis on the CATV Policy Making Structure in Korea
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대학원 행정학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
With regard to state form in the twenty-first century, a number of prominent scholars have been expecting the emerging new state type in the future, marked as science, information oriented state as they called "Information Society". What it promotes "Information Society" is the developments of telecommunication technology, one of these developments is CATV that is being considered as a new-media which will make change of social-structure drastically in Korea. Above all. Korea is accelerating the adoption of CATV positively as the strategy for information society. However, though there have been so many discussions about the adaptation of CATV, it doesn't seem to find the right settlement in between practices and institutions. That maladaptation might be attributed t o the paucity of government capacity of adjustment on conflicts among social groups taking part in CATV policy making. The purpose of this paper is the analysis of various factors which had led to the specific CATV policy in Korea, which has quite a few restriction codes. In the first place, to analize these purports this paper revealed the extent of how the different social participants interests was reflected in the CATV policy making structure and then viewed the problems in the CATV policy through the analysis of selecting of CATV carriers. Based upon the result of these analyses, it can be infered that the CATV policy in Korea was made by not so much the spontaneous desires of the civilian, receipt group on CATV as the initiatives of state departments, especially MOI (Ministry of Information). So the CATV policy is marked by quite a few restrictions in the related laws. The present CATV policy is apt to be practiced not for the interests of citizen or small-scaled companies but for the commercial interests of a few conglomeraters. And it is concernd that the priority of governmental organization invested by government may do harm to the sound structure of civil free competition. For the vitalization of CATV in Korea, it is desirable, therefore, to alleiviate MOI'S restrictions gradually, and to make one organizations on broadcasting policy for adjusting the differences among organizations. Acordingly the main points of CATV should be put t o making CATV function properly a s one of the infrastructures of ISDN, simultaneously it should make grounds for the visure-broadcasting industry, such as independent productions.
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