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강순영의 "Four Movements for Oboe"(1992) 제1, 2, 3, 4 악장 분석

강순영의 "Four Movements for Oboe"(1992) 제1, 2, 3, 4 악장 분석
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(An) analysis of "Four Movements for Oboe"(1992) by Kang Soon-young
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강순영Four Movements for Oboe음악기법12음 음악기법
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The twelve-tone technique, as one of the important compositional techniques in the 20th century, was invented by A. Schoenberg(1874-1951), with the purpose of systematizing the note system in atonal music, and since then has been continously developed by many followers of his theory. "Four Movements for Oboe" is a work based on this twelve-tone technique, in which the lst, 2nd, 3rd and 4th movements have been composed mainly through active use of given sets and planned rhythms. The 1st and 2nd movements have been given variety by transposing the series by means of prime, inversion, retrogradation and retro- inversion, while the 3rd and 4th movements are given variety by transposing the series into a new form through mirror-inversion technique. In the 1st and 2nd movements the segments have been planned to form a characteristic structure between sets by segmenting to a tetrachord, while in the 3nd and 4th movements they have been planned to make the interval relations of common notes consistent between sets by segmenting into a trichord. As for the rhythm, two plans upon 10 rhythmic modes and duration notes have been made in order to compose a piece in accordance with a plan, which is the foundation of the twelve-tone technique.;20세기의 중요한 작곡기법중 하나인 12음 음악기법은 무조음악의 음조직을 체계화 한다는 취지하에 A. Schoenberg(1874-1951)에 의해 창안되었으며 그의 이론에 대한 여러 계승자 에 의해 끊임없이 발전되었다. "Four Movements for Oboe"는 이같은 12음 음악기법에 근거를 둔 작품으로, 제1, 2, 3, 4 악장이, 주어진 set의 활용과 계획된 rhythm을 중심으로 작곡되었다. 제 1, 2 악장은 Prime(원형), Inversion(전회형), Retrograde(역행형), Retrograde-Inversion(역전회형)의 형태로 음렬을 이도시켜 음의 변화를 주었고, 제 3, 4악장은 반사전위기법으로 인한 새로운 형태의 음렬을 이도시켜 변화를 주었다. 또한 분절에 있어서 제 1, 2 악장은 tetrachord 분절이 이뤄져 set과 set사이의 특징적인 구조가 형성되게 계획된 반면 제 3, 4악장은 trichord분절이 이뤄져 set과 set사이의 나타나는 공통음들간의 음정관계가 일관성있게 계획되었다. Rhythm에 있어서도 10개의 rhythmic mode와 지속음에 대한 2가지로 계획된 방법이 제시됨으로, 12음 음악의 큰 특징인 계획에 의거한 곡을 구성하였다.
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