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수영장 풍경사진에 관한 연구

수영장 풍경사진에 관한 연구
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과상업사진전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
In 1839, the photograph came into the world by Niniepce and L.J.M. Dagurre, it became the main factor to generate the great upheaval in society and culture. To at the present point of time when 150 years have passed since the photographs came into the world, numerous trend photographs are coming out, and many creative photographers are coming forward in succession. Of course, though much change has been undergone in the meantime, the eye of camera supplements human visual ability, and the photographer extends the human sense of sight as the person to find out the new world through photographer. Thus, the photograph is containing deeper world even in the daily matter. From this point of view, my swimmer photograph was studied and manufactured. The special and limited space which is the swimming pool is different from the other space, from its functional side. This work was manufactured for the purpose of trying to express their action or facial expression and scenery which are generated by this. So as to ensure the manufacture purpose of this swimmer photograph all the more, the author tries to analyze my work, after examining the historical background and analyzing the work of main artists above all. The interest of the inside of water or the adjacent photograph was high simultaneously with the invention of photograph. Whenever the technological side of photograph is supplemented, the images of the swimmer photograph progressed step by step started to appear. In the modern photograph meaning, genuine swimmer photograph is manufactured by Andre Kertetz in 1917. This photograph has continuous on the swimmer photograph of later generation with the perfect composition of scene and the appreciative eye to interpret the principle of nature excellently. Bauhaus movement centering around Lazlo-Moholy Nagy in 1920s generates the great upheaval in the photograph and sweeps over Europe and America. As all the possibilities of photograph were studied and manufactured to the extent that it can be referred to as Renaissance period of photograph with the study on photograph as the new visual approach and with the redidcovery of technological side of photograph from the viewpoint of immediate materialism, the appearance of many theories and works becomes the basis of modern photograph. As the persons who study the swimmer photograph increase since the beginning of modern times, the photographs of new sense of sight appear with the new interpretation and the diverse expressions after the tradition of Kertetz. After the new interpretation of Garry Winogrand, main works such as the swimmer photograph based on the observation and study spirit of Ray. K. Metzker, the expression of erotic and confusing photograph of the free use of perfect color and the harmonious scene composition appear. My swimmer photograph was studied from this thread of connection also. The swimmers inside and outside of water were photographed with the attitude of new visual study spirit, diverse angle and prudent observation attitude. I showed the scenery outside the water frankly and simply but showed so that even the shape of back of things or situation may be expressed, and I showed the scenery inside the water with the surrealistic expression which is far different from the ground life or action by using the distortion caused by the action to be generated in the weightlessness state of water, the refraction of water and the dispersion of light, after studying and using the optical phenomenon of light and water. The expression method used in these situation may be very foreign. But, as these two situations are too different circumstances to my judgement, I tried to be faithful to the intention to try to express by using proper expression method, and it is judged that this expression method will give help to understanding the theme rather than interrupting to express the theme. It is thought that the study on the photograph of this swimmer plays the role of forming the theoretical system about this field and of expanding the human sense of sight with the study spirit about the new would of photographer.;1839년 발명된 사진은 사회와 문화에 일대 변혁을 일으키는 주된 요인으로써 수많은 사조의 사진들과 창조적인 사진가들을 배출하고 있다. 그동안 많은 변화를 겪지만 카메라의 눈은 인간의 시각적 능력을 보완시켜줄 뿐만 아니라 사진가의 눈을 통해 발견된 새로운 세계를 제시한다. 1920년대는 사진의 르네상스기라 칭할만큼 사진의 모든 가능성이 관찰되고 연구되어 많은 이론과 작품들이 나온다. 수영장 풍경에 관한 역사를 살펴보게 되면 역시 이 1920년 이후에 좋은 작품이 많이 나오게 된다. 본 논문에서는 물 속의 사진에 관한 인간 관심의 변화에 따라 어떻게 변화 되었는지를 먼저 살펴보고 수영장 풍경 사진의 진정한 출발점이라고 볼 수 있는 안드레 케르테츠(Andre´ Kerte´sz)와 '수중 발레(Water Ballet)'의 로리 시몬즈(Laurrie Simmons)와 '블루(Blue)'의 프랑코 폰타나(Franco Fontana)의 작품을 분석한 후에 본인의 작품을 분석 하고자 한다. 본인의 수영장 풍경사진은 수영장이라는 특수하고도 제한된 공간 속에서 발생되는 사람들의 행동이나 표정 그리고 풍경을 표현하려는 목적을 가지고 제작된다. 이 작품들은 물의 왜곡과 굴절, 그리고 부력으로 인하여 변화되어 보여지는 인간의 행동을 표현했다. 즉, 물 안의 무중력 상태에서의 행동, 물과 빛의 광학적인 현상을 이용하여 인간의 잠재된 자유에 대한 욕망과 생명력을 표출하고자 했다.
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