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체지방과 신체부위별 근력의 관계

체지방과 신체부위별 근력의 관계
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(The) Study of Muscle Strength in Body Part and Body Fat
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대학원 체육학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
體脂肪이 相對筋力 絶對筋力 및 部位別 筋力에 미치는 影響을 把握하고저 이화여자대학교 1학년에 在學中인 90名의 學生들을 任意 축출하여 수중체중을 測定하고 身體密度를 算出하여 Lean Body Mass(L·B·M:除脂肪 體重)와 脂肪으로 나누었다. 나누어진 脂肪量에 따라 肥滿型, 普通型, 세장형으로 分類하였고 3集團에 각각 握力, 견완력, 배근력, 복근력, 각근력의 5개 部位의 筋力을 測定하여 體脂肪과 筋力과의 關係를 알아본 結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 相對筋力은 5개 部位의 筋力 모두에서 P<.001 수준에서 유의한 差를 보였다. 2. 絶對筋力은 복근력과 견완력에서 P<.005로 각근력에서 P<.001로 유의한 差를 보였다. 3. 5개 部位 筋力의 合은 相對筋力, 絶對筋力 모두 P<.001로 유의한 差를 보였다. 이러한 結果는 體脂肪이 많을수록 筋力이 減少함을 알 수 있으며 部位別 筋力中 각근력은 過剩 體脂肪일 경우 가장 많은 筋力이 低下됨을 알 수 있었다.;The study intends to find what relationship body fat carries with three factors such as total muscle-strength of five muscle parts, relative muscle-strength and absolute muscle-strength of each muscle. For the purpose girl-students were employed to have measured their water-weight and such 5 muscle-strengths as grip, pull and push strength, back-strength, abdominal-strength, leg-strength. Using water-weight was body-density calculated and body-composition learned. A few moot points are proposed to achieve the goal of this study. 1. Is there any relationship between body fat and total muscle-strength of five muscle parts? 2. Is there any relationship between body fat and relative muscle-strength? 3. Is there any relationship between body fat and absolute muscle-strength? 4. Is there any relationship between body fat and muscle-strength of each part? Each hypothesis was processed by one way ANDVA according to the result, relative and absolute muscle-strength of 5 parts total strength showed significant difference at a level of P<.001. Everyone of 5 parts muscle-strength or the basis of relative strength implied significant difference at a level of P<.001. But the basis of absolute strength only leg-strength revealed significant difference at the same level and both abdominal strength and pull and push strength did at a level of P<.005.
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