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金融리스에 관한 연구

金融리스에 관한 연구
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(A) study of finance lease
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대학원 법학과
금융리스금융리스Finance Lease
이화여자대학교 대학원
Finance Lease, which has the advantage of raising the captital and preventing the equipments from deterioration, appeared in the U.S directly after World Ⅱ. In Korea, the Korea Industrial Lease Co., Ltd. was established in 1972 for the first time and the Lease industry promotion act was enacted in 1973. despite its short hostory, the lease industry has shown rapid growth and has grown up at an annual contract amount for 2 trillion. Finance Lease is a contract between a lessor and a lessee for the hire of a specific equipment selected from a manufacturer of such equipment by the lessee. The lessor has the ownership of the equipment, and the lessee has the possession and the use of it on payment of agreed rent for a specified period. Dut to the rapid growth of Finance Lease, many legal problems have raised; the legal nature of Finance Lease, the legal relationship of the contracting parties, and the regulation of its general conditions. As a result of the examination, a few contract stipulations are considered against the principle of the good faith(Law regard-ing The Regulation of General Conditons §6) There are divisions in the opinions of commentators and court decisions as to the legal nature of Finance Lease, because of the lack of a specific provision in the Civil Code. Finance Lease contains the rature of hire, sale, and loan for consumption. The theory of non-typical contract, which attachs much importance to the nature of loan for comsumption, has been accepted by the most commentators. However in this study the theory of the special lease is accepted. The basis of the theory is that it is fundamentally rent due to onerous use, in spite of a few characteristics: the exemtion of warranty, the conversion of risk of loss, non-existence of the lessee's termination right. The legal relationship of contracting parties varies with the theory of the legal nature. In this study, it is examined according to the theory of the special rent. When they conclude Finance Lease contract, they use the general condition make by the lessor. As the contents of the contract is usually unfavorable to the lessee and favorable to the lessor, it must be controled by "Law regarding The Regulation of General Conditions". When the validity of an agreement is concretely studied, economic positions of the parties must to be considered. Finance Lease will be more increased to a great extent in the future. Therefore, it is thought that many legal problems will be occurred. It is need to enact a new special act which shall regulate Finance Lease, because the existing law can not solve this problems. The contracting parties interests will be adjusted through this legal regulation and the use of Finance Lease will be more widely increased.;金融리스는 기술혁신에 따른 旣存設備의 經濟的인 노후방지 및 資金調逵과 租稅減輕 등을 배경으로 등장하였다. 우리나라에서 金融리스는 1972년에 정부 지원으로 도입되었고 그 후 급성장하여 年間新規리스親模는 2조원에 이르렀고 이는 總國民設備投資의 7%에 달한다. 이러한 金融리스의 발달에 따라 여러 가지 法的 問題가 發生하는데, 金融리츠의 法的 性質,當事者間의 法律關係, 約款의 有效性여부의 등이 그것이다. 金融리스의 法的 性質에 대해서는 많은 見解의 對立이 있는데 多數說은 金融리스의 金融的인 性質을 강조해 無名契說約을 取했으나 本稿에서는 金融리스가 賃貸借의 形成을 가지며,金融과 區別되는 物融의 性質을 갖는 점을 강조하여 特殊賃貸借契約說을 取했다. 이러한 特殊賃貸借契約說에 의하여 金融리스契約의 當事者間에 法律問題를 구체적으로 살펴보았다. 그런데 金融리스가 가지는 金融的 측면을 지나치게 강조하면 리스利用者에게 有利하게 되고, 賃貸借的 要素만을 지나치게 강조하면 리스利用者에게 有利하게 된다. 金融리스契約은 리스會社가 一方的으로 만든 約款에 의해 이뤄지고 있는데 이들 約款은 約款親制法에 의한 內容統制를 받게 된다. 本稿에서는 8개의 리스會社約款을 통해, 그 內容의 有效性 여부를 檢討했다. 그 결과 約款親制法 제6조1항의 信義則違反과 2항의 고객에게 不利한 영향을 미치는 行爲와 관련해서, 주로 문제가 되었다. 끝으로 金融리스에 대한 法的論議는 具體的으로 約款의 有效性을 檢討하는데 집중되어야 하며. 이와함께 立法的 親制도 必要할 것이다. 그렇게 함으로서, 去來界의 要求를 充足시키기위하여 새롭게 發達된 金融리스의 長點을 最大한 발휘하게 하면서 同時에 리스契約의 當事者間에 利害關係를 적절히 조정하도록 해야 할 것이다.
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