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사매의 수용성 다당류 성분에 관한 연구

사매의 수용성 다당류 성분에 관한 연구
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Studies on the water soluble polysaccharide of Duchesnea indica Herba
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대학원 약학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
A polysaccharide fraction from the whole parts of Duchesnea indica(Andr.) Focke was Known to exhibit an antitumor activity. In order to purify and characterized polysaccharide, the plant was extracted with 5% ethanol for 3-days in the room temperature. The aquous extract was dialyzed by 5% ethanol, and then extracted with n-butanol. After gel filtration of the aquous layer only two peaks named fraction a and b were obtained, each peak showing the same elution profiles of UV-absorption, hexose, uronic acid and protein. No one except this two peaks was found, suggesting that two polysaccharides occur in the plant. Treatment of two polysaccharides with 2N H_(2)SO_(4) yielded gallic acid, which may be responsible for the UV absorption of the two polysaccharide fractions. Gallic acid, hexose, pentose, uronic acid and protein were determined as 18.4, 16.9, 10.7, 17.4 and 36.6% in Fr. a and 21.7, 20.1, 11.2, 18.1 and 28.9% in Fr, b, mole ratios of gallic acid, hexose, pentose, and uronic acid composing of Fr. a and Fr. b are calculated at 6 : 5 : 4 : 5 and 7 : 6 : 4 : 5, respectively. These results indicate that each polysaccharide is chemically homogeneous. The two polysaccharides was turned to be unstable on over 50℃. Heating of the polysaccharides over 50℃ gave gallic acid-less polysaccharides, which were composed of hexose(37.8%) pentose(24.7%) uronic acid(29.6%) and protein(7.9%). Fr.a and Fr.b showed the activity of colony stimulating factor.;사매 Duchesnea indica(Andr.) Focke의 항암성 물질로 보고된 바 있는 다당류 성분 분획을 Sephadex G-25를 이용한 gel filtration방법으로 분리 정제하여 2개의 다당류 (DI-Ca 및 DI-Cb)를 얻었다. DI-Ca 및 DI-Cb는 각각 gallic acid, hexose, pentose, uronic acid, protein이 18.4, 16.9, 10.7, 17.4, 36.6%와 21.7, 20.1, 11.2, 18.1%로 구성되어 있으며 gallic acid : hexose : pentose : uronic acid가 6:5:4:5:7:6:4:5의 몰비로 결합되어 있었다. 이 다당류는 열에 매우 불안정하므로 열을 가하면 쉽게 분해되어 gallic acid가 없는 다당류(DI-AI)가 생성되었다. DI-AI는 hexose 37.8%, pentose 24.7%, uronic acid 29.7%, hexosamine 0.1%, protein 7.8%로 구성되어 있으며 hexose, pentose, uronic acid의 몰비는 5:4:3.7로서 DI-Ca 및 DI-Cb로부터 유래된 것으로 보였다. 또한 이 다당류는 colony stimulating factor로서 활성이 있음이 밝혀졌다.
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