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Satir 가족치료모델에 따른 사례연구

Satir 가족치료모델에 따른 사례연구
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Case Studies on Satir's communication Theoretical Approach to Family Therapy
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대학원 사회사업학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
현대사회의 비인간화현상은 가족이라는 기본적 사회단위의 중요성을 실추시키면서, 가족의 문제에 대한 전문적 관심과 그 치료에 대한 필요성을 증가시키고 있다. 1950년대 가족의 문제를 가족원 한사람의 책임으로 보지 않고 가족내 의사소통 상호작용의 영향으로 보는 의사소통가족치료 이론(Family Communication Theory)이 도입된 이후 여러 학자들에 의해 계속적인 발전을 해오고 있으며 사회사업가들 역시 오래전부터 원조의 대상이 되어온 가족의 문제해결에 관심을 가져왔다. 한국에서도 이러한 사회사업가의 관심과 노력이 계속되어왔으나 아직은 미비한 실정이며 부족한 가족치료전문가의 수로는 다양한 가족치료이론에 대한 효과적 실제적용이 어려운 상태이다. 본 연구에서는 가족의 의사소통기능에 문제가 있다고 판단되어지는 세건의 사례를 통해서 Satir의 가족치료모델을 시도하여 역기능적인 의사소통의 문제를 가진 가족에 기능적인 반응을 하는 수평형(leveling)의 의사소통을 하도록 변화시켜 가족의 성숙 및 가족관계를 평행적으로 재구조화하였다. 결과적으로 위의 사례를 통해서 Satir의 모델은 연구자가 일하고있는 현장에 적용성이 있다고 본다. 따라서 앞으로 보다 많은 사업가들이 가족내 역기능적인 의사소통에 Satir의 모델 및 기법을 신축성 있게 활용함으로서 가족에게 도움을 줄 수 있으리라고 보며 이에 따르는 사회사업현장의 적절한 관련 프로그램의 개발이 요청된다.;The Communication School of family therapy is concerned with the current patterns of interaction of the family and with the relationship of these patterns to the Symptoms or presenting problems of the identifed patient. It grew out of Bateson's research project on Communication and was based at the Mental Reseach Institute (M·R·I), founded in Palo Alto, California, in 1959 under the leadership of Jackson and Satir joined during the first year. Communication remained the Central Concern of the M·R·I group. Satir's fundamental point is that family member send messages that are discrepant at different levels and thus, she thought of the double-level message as incongruent communication and described the orgin of incongruent styles of communication in the low self-esteem of the person who adopts them. The Concept of congrence and self-esteem came in the form of the growth or human potential movement. Satir noticed in all the troubled famlies that (1)Self-worth was low. (2) Communication was indiret, vague and not really honest, (3) rules were rigi id, in human, nonnegoliable, and everlasting, and (4) the linkage to society was fearful, placating and blaming. She believe that people attempt to conceal their weakness in the way of placating, blamming, computing, and - distracting. Family therapy is still guite new to us in Korea. This writer was deeply moved with the lecture provided by at the graduate school and became inter ested especially in Satir's Communnication approach to family therapy. When this writer was in need of developing a strong therapeutic tool to extend her field experiences, all of sudden the ideas came to her to apply Satir's communicative family therapy into direct services for those who used to come for family counseling. It was just beautiful. I selected three cases among whom who are considered to be applicable Satir's family therapy model. So far as this writer concern, the three cases proved suceessful. What I found was that Satir's family therapy model would be applied flexible together with combination of various communication techniques whether they were products of Satir or of some one else like Jackson, Haley and so on. On the basis of the findings of this study this writer will not only be convinced family therapy as the social worker but also contribute t o developing programs I ike premarriage education, at community level and in service training program at work. However, further study is needed to complement weakness either on the side of professional education and of techniques of individual social workers
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