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運動遂行에 있어서의 瞬發力의 奇與度 分析

運動遂行에 있어서의 瞬發力의 奇與度 分析
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(An) Analysis of the Contribution to th Power in Sports Performance
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The primary purpose of this thesis is to investigate the degree of contribution of high power and middle power, which is one of the most significant factors in the grades of competitive games. For the measurement 64 subjects enrolled in Seoul City were selected among the athletes trained in muscle strength. For the purpose of achieving my intention, I measured various items in power concerning physique and fitness and obtained the analysic results as follows; 1. Noticeable difference in mean consists in physique and fitness among the sections of sports. 2. Power made great influence on grade in the correlation coefficient between physique, fitness and grades. 3. Power also made great influence on grades in the partial correlation coefficient between physique, fitness and grades. 4. For the regression analysis between grades of every section and variables, I used the stepwise-method, finding that the power had an influence 38% on weight lift, 44% on tract field 42% soccer, 25% on archery and 16% on movement sports.;本 硏究는 筋出力 트레이닝에 의해 訓練된 運動選手를 對象으로 하여 競技成績에 미치는 主要因子의 하나라고 볼 수 있는 High power, Mliddle power가 競技種目別에서의 그 寄與度를 糾明하려는데 그 目的이 있다. 이러한 目的을 達成키 위해 서울市에 登錄되 있는 運動選手 62名을 選定하여 Power發揮에 關聯되는 體格 및 體力의 項目들을 測定하여, 그 結果를 硏究分析하여 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. 種目別 體格 및 體力에서의 平均은 현격한 差異가 있었다. 2. 種目別 體格 및 體力의 成績과의 相關度(Correlation Coefficient)에서는 Power가 成績에 影響을 미쳤다. 3. 種目別 體格 및 體力에서의 成績과의 순수관계(Partial Correlation Coefficient)에서도 power가 成績에 影響을 미쳤다. 4. 種目別 成績과 변수간의 回歸分析을 위해 段階的分析 方法(Stepwise-Method)을 利用한 結果 Power가 力道에서 38%, 陸上field에서 44%, 蹴球에서 42%, 弓道에서 25%, 動的運動에서 16%로 成績에 影響을 주고 있었다.
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