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아세트산염배지에서의 검정곰팡이의 포자형성에 관한 연구

아세트산염배지에서의 검정곰팡이의 포자형성에 관한 연구
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(A) study on the spore formation of aspergillus niger with use of potassium acetate medium
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대학원 약학과
아세트산염배지검정곰팡이포자미생물 분화
이화여자대학교 대학원
검정곰팡이 (Aspergillas niger)를 실험균주로 하여 동조적 액침배양의 방법으로 생활사를 재현시키면서, 아세트산염배지에서의 포자형성을 연구하고자 하였다. pH를 각각 달리한 여러농도의 아세트산염배지에서의 포자형성상태를 조사한 연구 결과는 다음과 같다. 1. 각 아세트산염배지에서의 pH는 포자형성전까지는 서서히 증가하고 포자형성후에는 pH가 서서히 감소하였다. 2. 아세트산염배지에 이식된 곰팡이는 균체량이 상당기간 감소하고 그 다음으로 균체량은 증가하였다. 포자가 형성된 이후 균체량은 다시 감소하였다. 3. pH값이 낮은 아세트산염배지에서는 아세트산염의 양이 적을때 적응이 빨리 되어 빨리 성장을 재개하고 포자를 형성하였다. 높은 pH의 아세트산염배지에서는 적응기간이 더 길며 비교적 높은 농도의 배지에서 포자형성이 잘 일어났다.;This study was undertaken to investigate the differentiation, from spore germination to hyphae growth and phialide formation, of Aspergillus niger through the method of synchronous and submerged culture. Through continuous experiments by shake culture with Potassium acetate medium, we could observe the formation of spores at appropriate concentration and pH. The Potassium acetate medium was set with controls of pH 5.5, 6.0, 6,5 and 7.0 on one scale, and control, 20 mM, 40 mH, 80 mM and 160 mM concentrations on the other scale. The Aspergillus niger was cultured in the set mediums at 28 C and mycelia1 dry weight, changes of pH and the onset of sporulation were estimated. The results are as follows. 1. Mycelial dry weight increased with adaptation to Potassium acetate medium, and pH increased during mycelial growth and gradually decreased after the spore formation. 2. Because pH increased excessively in the Potassium acetate medium with pH 7.0, mycelia could not adapt and mycelial dry weight decreased gradually. 3. At pH 5,5, the onset of sporulation was done on day 1 at 20 mM, on day 2 at 40 mM, on day 3 at 80 mM and day 4 at 160 mM concentration. 4. At pH 6.0, the onset of sporulation was done on day 2, day 1 and day 4 at 40 mM, 80 mM and 160 mM concentrations respectively. 5. At pH.6.5, the onset of sporulation was done on day 3 and day 4 at 80 mM and 160 mM concentrations respectively. 6. Spore formation was not shown at pH 7.0. 7. In controlled medium with all levels of pH, spore formation was not shown.
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