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신문편집 디자인 연구

신문편집 디자인 연구
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(A) Newspaper Editorial Design
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산업미술대학원 산업미술학과광고디자인전공
이화여자대학교 산업미술대학원
In these days of mass-communication era, The more the influence of newspapers, magazines, books with new press technique are increased, the higher the importance of entertainment which goes with it is raised day by day. Now, a newspaper editing must to be done newly as a fresh posture with facing new classes of readers. Today's newspaper editing is being tried to change from newspaper as a subroutine of TV to a newspaper of showing, and prepare a large-sized, colored photograph to attract public attention. The new wave of newspapers in world are proceeding to artistic sense that the lead of making newspapers is changing more and more to a editing expert majoring graphic design. The present time, the point to be improved in the newspaper of our nation. lst, Editor must recognize readers. -To educated readers with the form of writing in lateral line and young video generation, reading must be in possible easy and painless work in physically. 2nd, Newspaper editing in Korea is too much various in daily editing. 3rd, The functional reading efficiency of newspaper and the problem of production. -the point not to be natural in visual stream by skipping from one to another in articles on a page. 4th, Size requirement of headline in newspaper. 5th, An eye for the beautiful of editor - beautification work as a newspaper that is compared with a newscast. Such problems will have to be examined. Due to Gestalt Psychology, we know that man have a tendency to structurize a visual and verbal information. Grid system in editing design is being applied as a method that gives target groups satisfaction, taking a serious view of balance, similarity and continuance by designer. Therefore, newspaper can give a visual consistency by grid effect because it is seen continuously. This present research groped for the editing methods that are beautiful in possible, through the utility of grid effect that depends on writing in lateral line, that settle Lay-out as soon as possible and give a external continuance, also that have latent faculties which give a easy understanding for complicated information.
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