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Urethan 처리 swiss webster 마이스에서 vitamin A palmitate 가 natural killer 활성도에 미치는 영향

Urethan 처리 swiss webster 마이스에서 vitamin A palmitate 가 natural killer 활성도에 미치는 영향
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(The) Effect of Vitamin A Palmitate on the Natural Killer Activity in Urethan-treated Swiss Webster Mice
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Urethan 처리이스vitamin A palmitatenatural killer
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발암물질인 urethan과 항발암 효과가 있다고 알려진 vitamin A palmitate(VA)를 Swiss Webster 마이스에 처리하여 비장세포의 natural killer(NK) 활성도를 측정하였다. NK 활성도는 10∼11주된 마이스에 urethan(1mg/g) 또는 VA(25μg/g)을 피하주사한후 10일 뒤 YAC-1 암세포에 대한 비장세포의 세포독성을 12시간-^(51)Cr release assay를 이용하여 측정하였다. 대조군에 대하여 urethan 단독 투여군은 NK 활성도가 감소된 데 반하여, VA단독 투여군은 NK활성도가 증가되었다. VA와 urethan을 함께 투여한 군에서는 urethan의 NK활성도 억제 효과에 VA가 저항효과를 보였다. 특히 urethan처리 24시간전에 VA를 처리한 군이 VA와 urethan을 동시에 투여한 군이나, urethan처리 24시간후 VA를 처리한 군보다 효과적인 NK활성증가를 보였다. 이에 urethan에 의한 발암작용은 NK활성도 감소와 관련되며, urethan에 의해 감소된 NK활성도를 VA가 회복시키는 것은 VA의 암 예방 작용과 관련됨을 지적하는 바이다.;The effect of urethan and vitamin A palmitate (VA) on the natural killer (NK) activity of spleen cells from Swiss Webster mice was studied. Urethan (1mg/g) and/or VA (25 μg/g) was administered as the s.c. injection into 10- to 11-week old mice. 10 days after, the cytotoxicity by spleen cells of normal and treated mice was analyzed in a 12-hour (51)^Cr release assay against YAC-1 cells. Urethan inhibited the NK activity, whereas VA enhanced the NK activity. When VA was injected 1 day before or after urethan or at the same time as urethan, VA was resistant to urethan on the NK activity. And administered 1 day before urethan, VA was most effective on the NK activity. These results indicate that carcinogenisis is associated with, or dependent upon, the inhibition of the NK activity and the ability of VA to enhance the NK activity is related, at least in part, to the ability for cancer prevention.
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