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衣服市場의 Life style 細分化에 대한 硏究

衣服市場의 Life style 細分化에 대한 硏究
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(A) study on the life style segmentation in apparel market for a group of college women in seoul
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대학원 의류직물학과
의복시장라이프 스타일세분화여중생
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Life Style은 人間의 具體的 行動에 나타나는 象徵的 樣式의 槪念으로서 人間의 個人的 要因과 環境的 要因의 派生物이다. 즉 生活의 構造的 側面, 生活意識的 側面, 生活行動的 側面등의 多次元에 걸친 復合槪念이다. Life Style에 의한 市場細分化는 消費者의 特性, 消費者에 있어서 製品의 意味와 效用, 消費者의 製品 및 商標 選擇理由와 購買動機에 대하여 具體的이고 明確한 資料를 提供한다. 衣服市場은 消費者의 環境 및 心理變化의 영향으로 消費가 量的으로 增加하고 消費類型이 多樣化되었다. 그러므로 消費者를 보다 效果的으로 判別하고 理解하기 위한 새로운 方法의 必要性이 대두되었다. 本 硏究는 衣服市場에 Life Style 細分化와 그 適用을 檢討하고자 한다. 이를 위하여 理論的 硏究와 實證的 硏究를 竝行하였다. 理論的 硏究의 內容은 다음과 같다. 1. Life Style의 槪念, 適用, 分析法 등을 把握하였다. 2. 市場 細分化의 槪念과 基準의 內容을 把握하였다. 3. Life Style에 따른 衣服市場 細分化의 先行硏究를 考察하였다. 4. 女大生 衣服市場 細分化를 위한 項目具象을 위하여 先行 女大生 衣服行動硏究를 考察하였다. 實證的 硏究는 서울市內 14개 大學校 女學生을 學年과 3개 專攻系列別로 區分하여 標集한 660명을 對象으로 實施하였다. 檢査道具는 國內外 先行硏究에서 使用된 一般論 Life Style의 問項과 女大生 衣服行動 硏究에서 그동안 使用되어 왔던 問項을 豫備調査를 통하여 修正 補完한 후 使用하였다. 그외에 一般的 特性과 大衆傳達媒體利用狀況, 衣服購買行動을 檢査하였다. 實證的 硏究의 資料分析 結果 女大生 衣服市場은 5개로 나누어졌으며 各 集團의 名稱과 主要特徵은 다음과 같다. 1. 開政 革新型(8.1%)-衣服과 流行에 대한 關心이 매우 높고 衣服의 審美性과 心理的 依存性을 重要視한다. 2. 美的 浪漫型(35.1%)-衣服과 流行에 대한 關心이 比較的 높고 衣服의 審美性, 便易性, 心理的 依存性을 重要視한다. 3. 流行 追從型(34.7%)-衣服과 流行에 普通程度의 關心을 갖고 있으며 衣服의 貞淑性과 便易性에 關心이 있다. 4. 個性 追求型(9.2%)-衣服에 대한 관심은 있으나 流行에는 無關心하고 衣服의 審美性을 重要視한다. 5. 衣服 無關心型(12.9%)-衣服과 流行에 매우 無關心하며 衣服의 便易性과 貞淑性에만 關心이 있다.;The life style, which derives from a personal and environmental factors, means a symbolic mode in a human's concrete behavior. The life style is multi-dimensional and complex concept that reflects the aspects of life sturcture, life consciousness and life behavior. The market segmentation by a life style provides a concrete and precise data about the consumer's character, the meaning and the utility of products in a consumer, the cause of selection of products by a consumer, and the consumer's purchasing motives. Since the quantity of consumption is increasing and the patterns of consumption becomes variable due to the environmental and psychological change of consumers, the necessity of new method rose to distinguish and to understand the consumer more effectively. The purpose of this study is to investigate the application of life style segmentation in a apparel market. Both theoretical study and practical research were adopted for this purpose. The contents of a theoretical study are as follows. 1. The analysis of the concept and the application of life style. 2. The analysis of the concept and the base of a market segmentation. 3. The review of previous studies on apparel market segmentation by life style. 4. The review of previous studies on college women 's clothing behavior in order to consider items about college women's apparel market segmentation. And the practical research has been performed for 660 college women who are in 14 universities located in Seoul and are selected according to their grade and three major fields. This study has used the modified questionnaires which had been used in a previous studies and investigated the general character, the college women's clothes purchasing behaviors, and their contact with mass media etc. In according to the result of the analysis of the data by a practical research, the college women's apparel market is segmented into 5 groups. The name and main character of each group are as follows. 1. The open and reformatory style (8.1%) They have a very high concern about clothes and fashion and attach importance to aesthetic aspects and psychological dependence on clothes. 2. The Aesthetic and Romantic Style (35.l%) They have a relatively high concern about clothes and fashion and attach importance to the aesthetic aspects and comfort of clothes. 3. The Fashion Following Style (34.7%) They have a average degree of a concern about clothes and fashion, and have a interest in modesty and comfort of clothes. 4. Characteristic Style (9.2%) They are interested in clothes with indifference to a fashion and attach importance to aesthetic aspects of clothes. 5. Clothes - Indifferent Style (12.9%) They are apathetic to clothes and fashion and only concern about comfort and modesty of clothes.
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