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궁중정재의 공연예술적 제요소

궁중정재의 공연예술적 제요소
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(A) Study on Performing Artistic Elements of "Jung-Jae Court Dance"
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대학원 무용학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
궁중정재는 발생과정으로 볼 때, 예전부터 전해 내려온 것과 송·당 등 중국에서 유입된 것과 중국의 형식을 빌어 재창조된 것 등으로 나눌 수 있다. 고려시대 문종 이후 조선시대 세종조 성종조에 이르러 그 체계와 모습을 확립하게 되었고, 그후 국난을 통하여 쇠퇴일로에 있다가 순조조 효명세자에 의해서 그 본래의 모습을 복원하게 되어 종류와 규모에 있어 최고 절정에 이르는 전성기를 맞이 하였다. 고려시대 문·무일치를 통한 엄숙함과 제례의식 형태에서 차츰 변모되어 조선시대에 와서는 감상무용으로서의 성격을 띠게 되었다. 감상무용으로서의 특성적인 요소를 살펴 오늘날 재현되는 공연예술로의 가치를 모색 하였다. 정재의 무원편성과 음악의 형태·춤사위에 나타난 공연예술적 특성·무대 사용과 구성에 나타난 예술적인 면에 대한 분석으로 정재무용이 지닌 예술적 가치를 확인하였다. 궁중정재 무용이 지친 고유한 예술적 미적 체험을 가능케하는 정신세계에의 표현과 내재된 율동·소박하면서도 단아한 전통무용의 한 분야로 그 맥락을 전승·보존시켜야 한다.;"Goong Joong Jung-Jae", in terms of its generating process, can be divided into a few categories, i,e. the one which had been handed down for ages, the one which was flowed in from China (Songera, Dang era, etc.) and the one which was recreated by borrowing the form of China. It had established its form & structure since Moon Jong Dynasty of Korea era until Sejong & Seong Jong Dynasty of Chosen era, there after it had been on the decline due to national crises, however, thanks to the Hyo Myung Seja (meaning crown prince) of Soonjo Dynasty, its original form could be restored and reached its climax, in terms of its kinds & scale. Transformed from its solemnity & ritual characteristics by the idea of "unity between military & literary arts" of the Korea era, during the course of Chosen Dynasty, it came to have characteristics of a "dancing for appreciation-purposes", Consequently, I tried to find out its values as a performing-art which is being revivied nowadays, by looking at its characteristic elements as a "dancing for appreciation-purposes". I could verify Jung Jae Dancing's artistic values, by analyzing its artistic characteristics shown on its formation of dancers, form of music, and by looking at its characteristies of a performing art shown on "Choom Sa Wee" and also by analyzing its artistic characteristics shown onits usagers & constructions of a stage. Taking into consideration the fact that "Jung-Jae Court Dance" is one area of our traditional dancing, which enables us to experience & express our spiritual world with its inherent artistic values and which had its immanent rhythms & unsophisticated elegance, we have to preserve and transmit its coherence as one area of our traditional dancing.
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