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인삼과 알코올 투여가 백서 간조직내 Cytochrome P-450, b_(5) 및 2-AAF 의 Hydroxylation에 미치는 영향

인삼과 알코올 투여가 백서 간조직내 Cytochrome P-450, b_(5) 및 2-AAF 의 Hydroxylation에 미치는 영향
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(The) Effect of Ginseng and Alcohol on Cytochrome P-450, b5 and Hydroxylation of 2-AAF
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대학원 의학과
인삼알코올 투여백서 간조직Cytochrome P-450
이화여자대학교 대학원
A considerable number of experiments and studies on ginseng made so far have found that ginseng has therapeutic effects on many illnesses including cancers and liver diseases, but their mechanisms have not been revealed. It is also known that ginseng has an antidotal effect for alcoholism, but its mechanism is not yet clarified, either. In this study, the author fed experimental rats with ginseng and alcohol for 8 weeks and observed contents of Cytochrome P-450 and b5 n liver tissues of those rats. And then it was observed how the feeding of ginseng and alcohol influenced the formation of N-OH-AAF and Ring-OH-AAF, both elements of 2-Acetylaminofluorene (2-AAF) known as a cancer-causing material, in an effort to investigate the bearing of ginseng and alcohol upon the cancer-causing effect of 2-AAF. The results are as follows: 1. The feeding of ginseng increased contents of Cytochrome P-450 and b5. The increase rate was the highest when ginseng was fed in the proportion of 2.0 grams per kilogram. 2. The experimental group fed with both ginseng and alcohol showed significant decreases in contents of Cytochrome P-450 in their liver tissues, compared with the other group fed only with alcohol. 3. Ring-hydroxylation of 2-AAF increased when ginseng was fed, while it did not change when alcohol was fed. 4. N-hydroxylation of 2-AAF decreased in the group of rats fed with ginseng, while significant increases were observed in the group fed only with alcohol. The increase rate declined in the group fed with both ginseng and alcohol.;인삼은 간보호작용과 항암작용을 포함한 많은 효과를 가지고 있으나 그 작용기전에 대해서는 규명된 바가 없다. 또한 간은 알코올 섭취시 가장 영향을 많이 받는 조직으로 주정중독시 인삼이 해독작용을 함이 알려져 왔으나 그 기전 역시 확실치 않다. 이에 저자는 8주간 인삼 및 알코올을 투여한 백서의 간조직내 Cytochrome P-450 및 b_(5)의 함량을 측정하고 간암의 발암원으로 알려진 2-Acetylaminofluorene(2-AAF)을 모델화합물로 사용하여 인삼 및 알코올투여로 유발된 2-AAF의 N-OH-AAF 및 Ring-OH-AAF 형성을 관찰함으로써 2-AAF의 발암성에 대한 인삼 및 알코올 투여의 영향을 관찰하고자 한 바 의의 있는 결과를 얻었기에 보고하는 바이다. 1. 인삼투여는 Cytochrome P-450 및 b_(5)를 증가시키며 체중 ㎏당 2.0g투여하였을 때 가장 많이 증가하였다. 2. 알코올 단독투여가 Cytochrome P-450을 감소시킨데 반하여 인삼과 알코올동시투여는 Cytochrome P-450 을 증가시켰다. 3. 2-AAF의 Ring-hydroxylation은 인삼투여시 증가하였으나 알코올 투여시에는 변화가 없었다. 4. 2-AAF의 N-hydroxylation은 인삼투여시 감소하였고 알코올 투여시에는 증가하였으며 인삼과 알코올 동시투여시에는 증가율이 감소하였다.
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