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數種 土壤의 Polychlorinated biphenyls 吸着에 關한 調査硏究

數種 土壤의 Polychlorinated biphenyls 吸着에 關한 調査硏究
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Soil Adsorption of Polychlorinated Biphenyls : for Kanechor 400
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수종토양Polychlorinated biphenyls흡착
이화여자대학교 대학원
The adsorption capacity of PCB was measured for the soils in the different qualities and particle sizes. Three different sorts of soil were taken to be examined in their physico-chemical characters and they were divided by the sieve in the particle sizes which were 10/20, 20/50, 50/100 and 100/200 mesh. The water sample containing PCB was prepared in 100㎍/ℓ solution of Kanechlor-400 and its quantitative analysts was determined using gas chromatography attached with OV-17 column and Electron Capture Detector The results were as follows; 1. In 20/50 mesh of the particle, PCB was adsorbed in 18.92㎍/g in Soil Ⅰ and 22.18 ㎍/g in Soil Ⅱ cumulatively, which the main components were clay loams, and 4.57㎍/g in Soil Ⅲ which was composed mainly of sands. It was noted that even when the composition of soil was identical, the adsorption was decreased as the particle sizes increased. 2. Freundlich-isotherm equation (□ = KC^(□)) was applied to the soil adsorptions. The balues of the constants K & □ were 50.97 & 0.9868 for Soil Ⅰ, 785.8 & 0.3464 for Soil Ⅱ, and 306.33 & 0.2517 for Soil Ⅲ respectively. 3. Before the adsorption equilibrium was reached, the faster the retention time of isomer of Kanechlor-400, the lower was the adsorption rate. When the adsorption equilibrium was arrived at, isomer showed similar adsorption rates.;土壤中에서의 PCB의 吸着樣態와 流動을 調査硏究하기 위하여 土壤의 性質 및 粒子에 따른 PCB의 吸着能을 比較調査하였다. 三種의 土壤을 採取하여 그 物理化學的 性質을 調査하였고, 各各을 粒徑別(10/20, 20/50, 50/100 및 100/200 mesh)로 分類하여 PCB의 吸着能을 測定比較하였다. 試驗液은 Kanechlor-400의 100 ㎍/ℓ-水溶液(0.1% acetone)을 調劑使用하였으며, 그 定量分析은 OV-17 column과 Electron Capture Detector가 附着된 gas chromatography를 使用하였다. 그 結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 一定粒徑(20/50 mesh)에서, 1ℓ流入時에 累積된 PCB의 吸着量은 主成分이 clay loams(植質土壤)인 土壤Ⅰ과 土壤Ⅱ는 各各 18.92 ㎍/g, 22.18 ㎍/g이었으며, sands(砂土)가 主成分인 土壤Ⅲ은 4.57 ㎍/g이었다. 한편 同一成分을 갖는 土壤이더라도 粒徑이 클수록 吸着率은 減少하였다. 2. 充塡量에 따른 吸着量의 變化를 Freundlich-等濃度式(□=KC^(□);이때 m은 土壤의 充塡量(g), x는 土壤에 吸着된 PCB의 量(ng), C는 PCB의 最終流出濃度(㎍/ℓ)이며 K와 □은 常數이다.)으로 調査한 結果, 常數 K 및 □의 값은 各各, 土壤Ⅰ의 경우 50.97과 0.9868이었으며, 土壤Ⅱ는 785.8과 0.3464, 그리고 土壤Ⅲ은 306.3과 0.2517이었다. 3. PCB(Kanechlor-400)의 各 異性體는 吸着平衡에 到達하기 前에는 gas chromatogram上에서 retention time이 빠른 것일수록 土壤에서의 吸着率은 낮고, 吸着平衡에 到達하게 되면 異性體間의 吸着率도 비슷해지는 結果를 보였다.
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