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성만찬의 의미있는 실행을 위한 성만찬기 연구

성만찬의 의미있는 실행을 위한 성만찬기 연구
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신학대학원 신학과
이화여자대학교 신학대학원
본 논문은 한국 교회 내 예배 갱신 운동에서 중요한 위치를 차지하고 있는 성만찬과 그 예전을 더욱 의미있게 실행하기 위한 성만찬기에 대한 연구이다. 현재 많은 교회에서 성만찬의 실행을 통한 예배 갱신을 시도하고 있다. 그런데 성만찬을 보다 의미있게 실행하기 위해서는 성만찬의 도입 뿐만 아니라 그에 따른 구체적인 연구 또한 필요하다. 그래서 예식과 더불어 성만찬기가 가지고 있는 상징적 의미를 더욱 구체화 시켜 성만찬이 예배 안에 부수적인 요소가 아님을 충분히 인식 시켜야 한다. 이를 위해 본 논문이 제안하는 것은 성만찬기의 변화이다. 현재 교회 내의 상황을 보면 교회력에 따라 다양한 상황의 말씀이 선포됨에도 불구하고 하나의 성만찬기를 가지고 사용하는 것을 볼 수 있다. 그래서 자칫 성만찬 예식이 형식적으로 느껴지거나 예배 안의 보조적 의미로써 느껴질 수 있다. 따라서 이런 요소를 제거하고 예배 참여자들에게 예수 그리스도의 삶과 그의 메시지를 더욱 풍성하게 전달하기 위해서는 성만찬의 의미를 재해석하여 그 절기에 맞는 적절한 성만찬기를 사용하여야 한다. 따라서 성만찬기의 상징적 요소와 더불어 소재 선택에도 신중을 기해 새로운 소재, 새로운 디자인으로 디자인 된 성만찬기를 고안할 필요가 인식되었고 이렇게 만들어진 성만찬기로 실행된 성만찬은 성만찬의 의미를 더욱 풍성하게 할 것이다.;The Eucharist as the essential determinant in dynamic Christianity worship environments. We have loyal memory of Jesus Christ by through celebrating and understanding time of the eucharist with the sacramental wine and bread. While the eucharist is going on we will obtain direct experience, which the Lord gives himself to us. At this moment we are not only remember Jesus Christ in the past, but also feel him who are together with us in presence and we hope that we will be with him in the future. However, for decades, the worship type which the Korean church got by Puritan and American missionaries couldn't settle down the main ritual in the reverence and holy worship. As a result, the main findings of this research show that Korean churches achieved quantitive growth by sermon but they made mistake which they don't know how to serve specifically the Lord in the worship. Therefore, a large number of Korean churches be realized to this realities what happened in the worship, they arouse to worship renewal movement. In other to achieve the aim of renewal movement which arose recently, many pastors spreads their recognition about returning to the Early church. Those pastors have followed the Early church's worship type which contains euchrist, so that they have been trying to put the eucharist in their worship to recover the original worship form. In addition, we are able to recover worship form and spread the meaning not only changing the ceremony but also investigating the using correct utensils influencing on performance. Moreover, worship attenders can feel pleasure by served Lord, which they couldn't get the experience before in the worship. Although their recognition of eucharist is changing and they perform many times compare to past, we can see that they use same eucharist utensils in the circumstance of present church, evenif pastor preaches different Lord's words and the eucharist performs in different Christianised calendar. From an this perspective, the author reasons that investigating this topic which is the relationship, between eucharist utensil and each eucharist. This research also expected that the eucharist could interpenetrate even more in the worship if we are able to use various type of eucharist utentil in different Christianised calendar. For these reasons, this paper have checked out about main season in Christianised calender to get suitable utensil for matched worship and selected 4 seasons, which is Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. Firstly, Advent is a season for preparation for the churches and all the church members. They prepare Jesus Christ comes to the land and have a hope about his salvation. Secondly, Christmas is pleasure day which is shown the proof of Immanuel, which means Lord stays with us. Thirdly, Lent is the season which focused to Jesus Christ's suffering Lastly, Easter is the day which Jesus Christ won against the power of sin and death, so he gives us desire of the Resurrection. To fulfil this aim, to express well about meaningful eucharist utensil, we have to consider about both materials and design as the essential determinants. In the past, we could find eucharist utensil which made of one material, for example gold plating one. But nowadays it is produced by different meterials such as stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain, glass, plastic, wood. The author has researched a specific characters of metal, wood and soil briefly and added about Ong-gi soil which is made of Korean traditional Jar, Ong-gi to contribute to the improvement of eucharist. As with all investigations, this research is not without its limitations. It has proposed a special eucharist utensil which made of Ong-gi soil due to Ong-gi is the only one material which we can express 'breathe' In this case, it has proposed 2 kinds of cup, which is high-foot cup and low-food cup and 1 plate. In case of high-foot cup is suitable for Advent and Easter and low-foot cup is suitable for Christmas and Lent. And as the final result, it has presented the Eucharist for Lent which made of On-gi soil. The main point of this Eucharist is to emphasizes tactile sensation while the eucharist prosesses that the attenders can feel and understand close to Jesus Christ's suffer. This study investigates what determinants of he Eucharist Utensil influence Christian during Eucharist Performance as essential factor. The main findings of this research show that eucharist utensil could be the key attributes characteristic of building and improving of Eucharist Performance. In addition, this research promises to add new insights to the current body of knowledge of the relationship between eucharist utensil and each eucharist as further research should be paid.
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