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男子 中高生層의 旣成服 實態 調査 硏究

男子 中高生層의 旣成服 實態 調査 硏究
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A Study on Sizes of Readv-made Clothes for Korean High School Boys
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대학원 의류직물학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
본연구는 우리나라 남자 중고생층의 기성복 제작상의 요인과 보다 나은 의생활을 영위하는데 따르는 제반 문제점을 자료와 질문지를 이용하여 치수·구입 만족도등의 문제를 중심으로 연구한 결과 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 아동기는 상체가 매우 적은 치수를 보이고 중고생시기에는 상의의 길이부위 치수증가로 상체면에 많은 성장을 가져오는 것을 알 수 있었으며 성장이 끝난 성인기에는 둘레가 비대해지는 것을 KS치수 분포에서 알 수 있었고 우리나라 중학생층의 성장이 日本의 중학생층보다 늦은 것을 알 수 있었으며 또 우리나라 중고생의 체형은 日本 체형보다 키가 크고 마른 체형임을 알 수 있었다. 2. 우리나라규격과 실측치의 부합여부에서는 학년과 호수가 일정하게비례하지 않으며 또 규격과 실측치의 차이는 의복구성학적인 면으로 볼때 上衣가 下衣보다 더 적합한 것을 알 수 있었다. 3. 중학생층에서는 기성복을 구입하고 고등학생층에서는 맞춰 입는 것을 쓸 수 있었으며 중학생층에서는 주로 어머니에 의해서 고등학생층에서는 학생 스스로 구입하는 것을 알 수 있었다. 4. 기성복 만족도는 上衣가 下衣보다 높으며 불만족의 주 원인은 치수에 집중된 것을 알 수 있었다. 5. 중고생 규격中 上衣보다는 下衣의 치수개선이 시급하며 또 중고생층에게도 기성복이 다양하게 제작되고 또 전용코너 증설도 바람직하다.;The purpose of this study is to investigate various factors of clothing which affect, comfortable activities of junior and senior high school boys. Data for various sizes, together with some questionnaires have been analyzed for the investigation. The data include the Korean Standard(for children's clothing, high school boys uniforms and ready-made man's clothing), the Japanese Industrial Standard(for ready-made school boy's uniform), and actual body sizes collected in Korea and Japan. The subjects of the questionnaire are 1200 high school boys in the areas of Seoul and Kyunggi-do, and the questionnaire has 18 items, which the boys are requested to respond personally, covering such as body size, purchase conditions, comfortableness, etc. The results of the analysis of the size: data and of the responses to the questionnaire are as follows; 1. The comparative study of the sizes in the KS shows that children have poor upper bodies, high school boys have greater growth in height and length, while adults have added thickness with no growth in height, or length. 2. The comparison of the KS and JIS shows that, when their waist sizes are the same, the Korean sizes are 6cm longer in height, 8.4cm longer in trousers length, and 0.7cm less in bust. These facts show that Korean boys are taller but thinner than Japans boys, whereas comparison of actual body sizes show that Korean boys have longer legs with shorter height and have bigger circumferences. Thus the KS, it has been found out, leaves less room in its bust than the JIS. 3. There has been little difference between the actual body sizes and my measurement of sizes. Since the comparison of these data and ready-made clothing sizes shows that, from the view point of clothing construction, upper garments are more reasonable than lower ones, improved measurements for lower garments seem to be urgent. 4. Junior high school boys, with their fast growth, usually wear ready-made clothes, while senior high school boys, whose growth has almost stopped, wear tailored clothes. 5. Ready-made clothes aye generally purchased in the market. Boys start to choose their own clothes when they reach senior high school, and their interests shift from size and price to design and color of clothes. 6. High school boys are more satisfied with their upper garments than lower ones and the main cause of their dissatisfaction is sizes. 7. Most high school boys are in favor of installing their own clothes sections dealing with sports-wears, trousers, T-shirts, etc.
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