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紅茶버섯(茸)의 發酵性에 關한 硏究

紅茶버섯(茸)의 發酵性에 關한 硏究
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Alclhol은 添加한 Sucrose量에 比例하여 生成하나 Sucrose의 量이 30% 以上이 되면 大略 (1)/(2)로 減少되었으며 Sucrose대신 Mel(蜂蜜)을 添加했을 때도 거의 같다. 有毒性 物質인 CH_(3)OH는 檢出되지 않았으며 Lactic acid는 Alcohol처럼 增大되지는 않으나 Lactic acid는 增大된다. Mel添加時 에 있어서도 大略 이것과 같다. 以上으로 볼 때 紅茶 버섯은 完全한 Hetero-Fermentation을 한다고 推測된다. 揮發酸도 Lactic acid와 같이 Sucrose量에 의해 增大되며 Mel 添加時도 이와 같으며 糖消費量도 增大된다. 따라서 有機酸의 生成이 增大되므로 醱酵液의 PH도 低下된다. 10日, 20日間 醱酵 시키면 Sucrose의 添加量에 따라 Alcohol은 增大되며 Lactic acid도 醱酵時間에 따라서 增大되지만 Lactic acid는 오히려 減少되는 것으로 보아 이 醱酵는 2C_(6)H_(12)O_(6)+H_(2)O→2CH_(3)CHOH COOH+CH_(3)COOH+C_(2)H_(5)OH+2CO_(2)+2H_(2) Type의 醱酵를 한다. 20日間 醱酵를 시키면 PH는 3.0以下로 低下된다. 이것은 有機酸生成이 增大되기 때문이라고 推測된다. ;A Study on Fermentation Type of Hongcha Fungus 1. The alcohol content in Hongcha Fungus broth fermentation increased in proportion to added sucrose concentration, but decreased to one half when added sucrose concentration was over 30%, when Mel substituted for sucrose behaved almost the same manner. 2. Methanol, a toxic substance, was not detected in the culture media. 3. Lactic acid content increased during the early stagy but decreased after 5 days. acetic acid content increased. When Mel was added it behaved almost the same manner. These showed that the Hongcha Fungus undergoes a heterofermentation. 4. Volatile acids increased proportionally to added sucrose concentration and when Mel was added instead of sucrose it behaved almost in the same way. 5. The consumption of sucrose increased as the organic acids increased. Therefore the PH values in the culture media were lowered. 6. In the fermentation broth for 10 and 20 days, alcohol and acetic acid concentration increased in proportion to added sucrose concentration, but lactic acid decreased. Because of these data the fermentation occured as the following equation. 2C_(6)H_(12)O_(6) +H_(2)O → 2CH_(3)CHOHCOOH + CH_(3)COOH + C_(2)H_(5)OH + 2CO _(2) +2H_(2) 7. Especially in the fermentation broth for 20 days, the PH value became lower than 3.0.
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