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韓國人 硅肺症의 放射線學的 硏究

韓國人 硅肺症의 放射線學的 硏究
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Radiologic Study of Silicosis in Korean
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대학원 의학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
著者는 가톨릭 의과대학 부속 산업재해병원에서 1974년부터 1976년까지 임상적으로 硅肺症으로 진단받은 탄광부 265名을 대상으로 그들의 胸部 X-線像 所見을 觀察하였다. 職種別로 보면, 採炭夫가 92名(35%), 選炭夫가 91名(34%), 기타群이 82名(31%)이었다. 平均年齡은 42.2세였고, 平均勤續年數는 9.2年이었다. 硅肺症의 X-線像 所見을 UICC/Cincinnati 分類로 보면, 少陰影像에 해당하는 것이 251例(95%)로 대부분을 차지했으며, 이를 다시 세분하면 p, q, r, s, t, u로 各各 70例(26%), 123例(46%), 10例(4%), 14例(5%), 28例(11%), 6例(2%)였고 大陰影像에 해당하는 것이 14例(5%)로, 이를 세분하면 A, B, C群이 各各 7例(3%), 5例(2%), 2例(1%)이었다. 또한 病型分類로 보면, 1型이 66例(25%), 2型이 144例(54%), 3型이 41例(16%), 4型이 14例(5%)이었다. X-線像의 各 病期와 年齡 및 勤續年數와의 有意性을 인정할 수 있었다. X-線像에 수반된 合倂症은 185例(70%)로, 年齡 및 勤續年數가 높아지고 길어질수록 合倂率이 增加하였다. 主合倂症으로는 肺氣腫 140例(53%), 肺結核 89例(33%) 및 肋膜異常 48例(18%)를 볼 수 있었고 病期가 上昇할수록 合倂率이 比例的으로 증가하였다.;These radiologic studies were carried out on 265 cases of silicosis which were diagnosed clinically at industrial Accident Hospital affiliated with Catholic Medical Collage, during the period of 3 years from 1974 to 1976. 265 cases of silicosis consisted of 96 cases(35%) of coal miner, 91 cases (34%) of coal choicer and 82 cases (31%) of others. The average age was 42.2 years and average working period was 9.2 years. Qualitative and quantitative features in the analysis of roentgen findings were based on UICC/Cincinnati and KLO classification. The qualitative features showed 26% of "p" opacity, 46% of "q" opacity, 4% of "r" opacity as rounded profusion ana 5% of "s" opacity, 11% of "t" opacity, 2% of "u" opacity as irregular profusion of small opacities. Large opacities showed 3% of group A, 2% of group B and 1% of group C, Quantitative features revealed 25% of Type 1. 54% of Type 2, 16% of Type 3 and 5% of Type 4. The qualitative and quantitative features showed significant differences as age and working period increased. 70% of this study group were associated with radiological complications and complication rate was increased with age and working period. Major complications were pulmonary emphysema, tuberculosis and pleural abnormalities.
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