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圓의 象徵的 表現

圓의 象徵的 表現
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대학원 응용미술학과
梨花女子大學校 大學院
本 硏究의 目的은 1. 이론적으로 染色의 본질과 造形性을 이해함으로써 조형이념을 확고히 하고 2. 작품형성은 自然과 우주의 심미성을 円에 의한 象徵으로 표현하고 3. 제작된 작품(15점)의 분석을 통해 조형예술로서의 가능성과 앞으로의 방향을 모색하는데 있다. 따라서 本稿에서 규명하고자 하느 문제는 다음과 같다. 1. 染色作品制作을 위한 表現과 상징에 관한 일반적 理論과 작품의 내용, 형식 및 양식은? 2. 실제 작품제작에 있어서 재료와 기법의 실험연구를 통한 美的 表現의 가능성은? 3. 제작된 작품의 분석에 따른 앞으로의 방향은? 이러한 규명을 위해 작품제작에 있어서 자연과 우주의 심미성을 正円과 변형된 円의 두가지 유형으로 表現하여 보았더니 다음과 같은 결론에 도달했다. 1. 작가의 內的 心象을 어떤 形式으로 질서있게 表現하느냐에 따라 美的 表現이 가능하다. 2. 제작과정에서는 재료와 기법을 자유롭게 선택, 응용할 수 있는 능력을 통해 새로운 작품제작의 가능성이 확대될 수 있다. 3. 조형예술로서의 染色作品도 人間의 창조의지가 具現된 것이며, 時, 性, 地域性, 造形性에 따라 表現樣式이 달리 나타난다. 이러한 결과로 보아 작가의 창조적 작업은 연구, 노력에 따라 무한히 발전될 수 있는 것이고, 한국 染色의 정립과 미래상도 밝아질 것이라고 생각된다.;The purpose of this study is to establish the idea of formative arts firmly through the theoretical understanding of the nature of dyeing and characteristic of modeling, to express the esthetical characteristic of nature and the universe as "a symbol of circle in the formation of works, and also, to grop it's possibility as the formative arts and it's direction to be directed in the future through the analysis of 15 works produced. Therefore, the matters to be examined by this study are as follows : 1. What about the general theory on the expression and symbol for the production of dyeing works and the contents, forms and style of works? 2. What is the possibility of esthetic expression through the experimental study on dye materials and technique in the real production stage of works? 3. What is the future direction related to the analysis of works produced? In order to find out the above matters, I tried to express the esthetic characteristic of the nature and the Universe, based on 2 kinds of perfect circle and another circle which was transformed. Such my expression was resulted in obtaining the following conclusions : 1. The possibility of maker's esthetic expression can be made on whether the maker express his or her mental images orderly, based on a certain form, or not. 2. In the process of production of works, the possibility of a new production of work can be expanded through the capability which can select and apply the material and technique freely. 3. Even dyeing works of formative arts are one of arts in which the will of creation by the human being is materialized, and it's forms of expression can be different according to the time and locality. Considering the above facts, it is considered that the maker's creative works can be developed unlimittedly by it's sincere and continuous study efforts given to it's works, and that, the prospect of dyeing circle in Korea rod it's vision for the future will be brightened better than ever before.
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