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韓國舞踊 基本動作의 機動學的 分析

韓國舞踊 基本動作의 機動學的 分析
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Kinesiological analysis of fundamental movement in Korean Dance : with emphasis on the upper limbs movements
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This thesis accomplish the following conclusions after testing with muscle action diagram for five muscles of Deltoid anterior, Triceps brachii, Biceps brachii, Pronator teres, Extensor carpi radialis longus at the laboratory of time and motion study in the department of industrial Engineering, college of Engineering Seoul National University. The subject includes four skilled persons and four unskilled persons for purpose of Kinesiological analysis of the upper limbs movement in Korean Dance. 1. Muscles required for the upper limbs movement in Korean Dance are Pronator teres, Triceps brachii, Biceps brachii, Deltoid anterior, Extensor carpi redialis longus. 2. The skilled showed the change of main active muscle in each action, but the unskilled didn't. 3. Deltoid Anterior showed the rest significant differences of the muscle spread electricity between the unskilled ana the skilled in every movements. 4. First Action and fourth Action required Triceps brachii, three Action needed Biceps Brachii, Six Action needed Deltoid anterior, Second Action took Pronator teres, and Fifth Action used Extensor carpi radialis brevis much. If the proper selection of muscle are made according to the every action changes and the repeating practices are taken by order of First Action, Four Action, Third Action, Sixth Action, Second Action, and Fifth Action, I think there will be more advancements for the upper limbs movement.;韓國舞踊 上肢動作의 機動學的 分析을 하기 위하여 熟練者 4名, 未熟練者 4名을 對象으로 서울大學校 工科大學 産業工學科 時間·動作 硏究室에서 三角筋, 上腕三頭筋, 上腕二頭筋, 圓回內筋, 長橈側手筋伸筋 等 5個筋을 筋電圖로 實驗한 結果, 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. 韓國舞踊 上肢動作에 主로 動員되는 筋肉은 圓回內筋, 上腕三頭筋, 上腕二頭筋, 三角筋, 長橈側手筋伸筋의 順이었다. 2. 熟練者는 各 動作에 따른 主動筋이 變化하는 데 반하여 未熟練者는 各 動作에 따른 主動筋의 變化가 보이지 않았다. 3. 各 動作中 熟練者와 未熟練者間에 筋放電의 差가 가장 많은 筋肉은 三角筋이었다. 4. 1動作, 4動作에서는 上腕三頭筋, 2動作은 圓回內筋, 3動作은 上腕三頭筋, 5動作은 長橈側手筋伸筋, 6動作은 三角筋이 가장 많이 動員되었다. 따라서 各 動作의 變化에 따라 적절한 筋選擇이 이루어지고 各 筋肉을 골고루 發達시키기 위하여 우선 1動作, 4動作, 3動作, 6動作, 2動作, 5動作 順으로 반복적인 訓練을 하면 上肢動作을 向上시키는 데에 더욱 도움이 되리라고 思慮된다.
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