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各種 食餌에 添加된 cholesterol이 흰쥐의 成長과 serum cholesterol量에 미치는 影響

各種 食餌에 添加된 cholesterol이 흰쥐의 成長과 serum cholesterol量에 미치는 影響
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대학원 가정학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This study was conducted to determine the effects of growth and serum cholesterol level on albino rats fed by 1% cholesterol supplemented diet. The rats were maintained on the six different diets, such as milk casein diet, dried fish diet, soybean diet, milk casein diet with cholesterol, dried fish diet with cholesterol and soybean diet with cholesterol. The cholesterol was supplemented at the one percent level of the diet. The findings of this experiment present as follows ; The supplementation of cholesterol on the diet resulted no effects in th body weight gain. In regarding the amount of urinary nitrogen and creatinine excretion, the dried fish group has shown the highest value. According to the hematological study, the supplementation of cholesterol on the diet increased the count of red blood cell but inclined to decrease the readings of pack cell volume. The implication of the hematological result revealed microcytic anemia condition developed on the body. The weights of liver and spleen as well as kidney have shown heavier in the groups fed by diets with cholesterol than that with no cholesterol. The increment in liver weight can be interpreted due to fatty infiltration from the liver on account of the supplementation of cholesterol in the diet. There is no statistical difference in the total and free blood cholesterol level among six experimental groups.
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