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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the thesis is to assess the validity of the M&A theories in a particular company setting in Korean M&A market that has been experiencing a sudden boom since the currency crisis in 1997. More specifically, the thesis is to examine Regent Pacific's acquisition strategy of Daeyu Securities through verification of various hypotheses established on the basis of the existing M&A theories. The thesis sets up the hypotheses for testing whether or not Regent Pacific's acquisition of Daeyu Securities succeeded in realizing synergies by putting into practice the M&A theories. And those hypotheses are as follows: First, among cost savings, revenue enhancements, and process improvements, which one was easier to achieve? Second, among managerial resource, reputation, and financial resources, which one contributed more to Regent's successful acquisition of Daeyu Securities? Third, during the post-acquisition integration process in Daeyu Regent, did factors such as innovative operating system, leadership, incentives, dynamic interaction among managers, and systematic decision making influence the Daeyu Regent's turnaround? Those hypotheses are verified by the interviews with top-executives participated in the acquisition of Daeyu Securities by Regent and secondary data research. And the result of the study depicts most of hypotheses are supported in Daeyu Regent case. Therefore, despite of the limitation of a case study, I hope the thesis provides an insight into what critical factors contribute to successful M&A by foreign investors in Korea. The thesis deals with M&A strategy of foreign investors who have been interested in Korean M&A markets since the currency crisis in 1997. And, the purpose of the thesis is to examine Regent Pacific's acquisition strategy of Daeyu Securities through;이 논문은 1997년 금융위기이후 활발해진 외국 투자자들의 한국기업 인수, 합병전략을 주제로 연구되며, 현재까지 가장 대표적인 인수합병 성공사례 중 하나로 꼽히고 있는 리젠트 그룹의 대유증권 인수에 대한 사례연구를 통해 인수, 합병에 관한 여러 이론들을 가설화하여 검증해 보는데 연구목적이 있다. 리젠트의 대유증권 인수 전략이 기존 이론에 부합하는지의 여부를 알아보기 위해 본 논문은 다음의 가설들을 검증한다. 첫째, 원가절감, 매출향상, 경영절차개선(process improvement)을 통해 성취된 시너지 중 대유리젠트증권의 성공에 상대적으로 더 중요했던 것은 무엇인가, 둘째, 임원들의 역량, 리젠트상의 인지도, 자본동원력 중 인수를 성공적으로 이끈 요소는 무엇인가. 셋째, 인수 후 혁신적인 경영전략, 리더쉽, 인센티브, 임원들간의 친화력, 체계적인 의사결정과정 등의 요인들이 대유리제트 성공에 어떠한 영향을 주었는가. 본 논문은 위의 가설들을 인수해 관련되었던 여러 경영자들과의 인터뷰와 2차 자료(secondary data) 조사를 통해 분석한다. 그리고, 대부분의 가설이 분석결과 증명(support)되었다. 결국 리젠트 그룹의 대유증권 인수를 다룬 이 논문은 사례연구의 한계점인 일반화의 어려움에도 불구하고 여러 가설의 검증을 통해 외국 투자자의 한국기업 인수, 합병 성공요인이 어디에 있는지를 제시한다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsTABLE OF CONTENTS = 0 Abstract = vii Ⅰ. INTRODUCTION = 1 Ⅱ. BACKGROUND = 3 A. Regent Pacific Group = 3 B. Daeyu Regent Securities = 4 C. Korea's Economy and Financial Market in 1998 = 5 D. List of M&A activities by Regent Korea = 6 E. Who is President Chang Kon Koh? = 7 F. Daeyu Regent's Post M&A Performance = 8 Ⅲ. RESEARCH QUESTIONS = 14 A. Research Questions = 14 B. The Importance of The Questions = 14 Ⅳ. THEORY AND HYPOTHESES = 16 A. Theoretical Background = 16 1. M&A Success Model = 16 2. Value-creating Formula = 17 ⅰ. Related M&A = 17 ⅱ. Types of Synergies = 19 3. Implementation = 22 ⅰ. Theme-based Acquistion = 22 B. Hypotheses = 26 1. Hypotheses on M&A Formula = 26 2. Hypotheses on Post-M&A Integration Strategies = 30 Ⅴ. METHODS = 35 A. Interview with President Koh = 35 B. Interview with Other Managers in Daeyu Regent = 36 C. Secondary Data Research = 36 Ⅵ. RESULTS = 38 Ⅶ. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION = 53 A. Summary of the Results = 53 B. Implication of Results = 54 C. Limitation of Study = 54 D. Conclusion = 54 REFERENCE = 71 국문초록 = 73-
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dc.titleM&A Strategy of Daeyu Regent in Korea-
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dc.title.subtitleA Descriptive Study-
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