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의유당 관북유람일기의 연구

의유당 관북유람일기의 연구
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A Study of Uiyudang Kwanbuk Diary
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
대부분의 李朝女流隨筆文學이 恨을 內容으로한 어둡고 침침한 검은 色이라면 意幽堂日記는 生의 밝은 面을 보인 붉은 色이다. 그 中 東溟日記는 紀行文學으로 해돋이 描寫에서 보여지는 붉은 色彩感은 우리에게 强烈한 인상을 주며 文學性이 높이 評價된다. 本考에서는 意幽堂日記中 樂民樓 北山樓 東溟日記의 紀行文學과 慈慶志咸興日記中 咸興과 太祖大王의 遺蹟 해돋이 장면이 對象이 된다. 왜냐하면 두 作品은 著作年代가 비슷하고 路程이 비슷하므로 比較를 通해 意幽堂日記의 文體를 드러내기 위해서다. 그러나 作者는 意幽堂日記는 女子이며 慈慶志咸興日記는 男子인 差異點이 있다. 本論에서는 作者에 對해 알아보고 文體 그중에서도 描寫를 主로 다룬다. 또한 作家意識과 隨筆文學에서의 意幽堂日記의 特性을 다루었다. 意幽堂日記는 作者가 己丑年부터 壬辰年까지 만 3年 동안 남편인 咸興判官을 따라가 있으며 咸興地方과 本宮, 擊毬亭, 龜景臺의 해돋이를 본 紀行文이다. 意幽堂日記의 作者는 李秉岐님에 의해 咸興判官 李羲贊의 夫人 延安金氏로 알려져 왔으나 그녀는 男便이 咸興判官時 이미 他界하였으며 咸興判官의 赴任年이 作品과는 다르다. 그러므로 이 冊의 著作年代는 從來 알려진 1829年(純祖 29年) ~ 1832年(純祖 32年)에서 1769年(英祖 45年) ~ 1772年(英祖 48年) 올라가며 咸興判官 申大孫의 妻 宜寧南氏일 可能性이 있다. 그 까닭은 關北邑誌에 의해 己丑(1769年) ~ 癸巳(1773년) 에 申大孫이 咸興判官인 事實이 드러나기 때문이다. 意幽堂日記의 文體는 具體的인 言語의 選擇과 感覺表現이 두드러지며 個性的인 比喩로 描寫文이다. 따라서 文學性이 높이 評價되어야 한다. 作家意識은 積極的이고 樂觀的이며 生에 感謝하였으며 좀더 自由롭기를 바랐다. 그녀는 李朝의 女人이라기 보다 現代的인 感覺의 女人이라 생각된다. 女流 隨筆文學에서 意幽堂日記의 特色은 內容이 밝고 紀行文이라는 점과 描寫文이며 文章技巧가 두드러진다는 점이다. 또한 慈慶志 咸興日記는 (純祖 10年) 1810年 (庚午) 咸鏡道 觀察使 金明淳의 隨行員이 쓴 것으로 作者는 未詳하다. 그러나 筆者는 作品 內容에 依해金祖淳의 아들 金元根이라 推定해 보았다. 이 慈慶志咸興日記는 紀行日記로 文體는 說明에 기울어 文學性은 意幽堂보다 떨어진다. 作家意識은 官吏인 까닭에 임금에 忠誠心이 두드러진다. 結局 意幽堂日記는 感覺 두드러진 描寫文 慈慶志咸興日記는 觀念이 主인 說明文이다.;The majority of the woman essays in ths Yi-Dynasty had been written dealing as their subject matters with the lamentation which is dark and dim, and which might be called black co1or, on the hand Uiyudang Diary on the brightness of life which mieht be called red color. In Dongmyung Disry as the literaturs of travel skestches the sense of red color shown in the description-"Sunrise"- give us dominent impression and is high eveluated lierarily. As the subjects of this study I took ''Rakmin1oo"( a palace), "Buksanloo"( a palace) in Uiyudang Diary, the literature of travel sketch in Dongmyung Diary, and Hamhung, Taejo the Great's relics, the scane of sunrise in Jakyungji Hamhung Diary. Pecause the works mentioned above are similar in ages written, similar in process, I am aiming at finding out the the styls of Uiyudang Diary in comparison. with each other. But there are difference between Uiyudang Diary and Jakyungji Diary; That is to say, Uiyudang Diary was written by female and Jakyungji Diary, male. At thg body of this study, I Surveyed ths author herself, and dealt with description as well as the style of sentence. At the body of this study, I surveyed the author herself and dealt with description as we11 as the style of sentence. Moreover I dealt with the consciousness of author, and the speciality of Uiyudang Diary in the rank of essay literature. The author of Uiyudang Diary had the opportunity to enjoy seeing the sights of Hamhung district, Bonkoong ( a palace), Kyukkoojung ( a palace), Kyikyungdae ( a palace), and. sunrise during staying with her husband who was a Pankwan- a county governor. Afterwards she written the diary-a sketch the travel- for three years from 1769?.(Kicook year) to 1772-?(Imjin year). Even though it had come to light by Lee, Bysong Ki that the author of Uiyudang Diary was the wife of Lee, Hui Chan, a county governor and that her family name was Kim whose fami1y origin is Yeonan, she was dead alrsady while her husband was working as a Pankwan (county governor) and Hamhung Pankwan's proceeding year to his new post is shown differently from the contants of the work. Therefore the written dates of the book go back from 1829(Soonjo 29th year)- l832(Soonjo 32nd year) to 1769(Yeongjo 45th year)- 1772(Yeongjo 48th year) and there might be the possibility that she had been Nam(family name whose family orig in, Uiryung), and the wife of Hamhuag Pankwan, Sin, Tae son because the fact that Sin, Dae Son had been Hamhung Pankwan during 1769(U1chook year)- 1773(Kaisa year) was found out. The style sentencs Uiyudang Diary is marked by its diction and sense, and it is a description with ths individual metaphor. Therefore it should, I think, be high evaluated literarily. The consciousness of ths author was positive, optimastic, thankful for life and hoped to be free. It seems to me that she would rather be a woman with the ssnse of modern times than a woman of Yi-Dynasty. In the woman literature of eeeay the diary is bright, and is the travel sketch, description in contents, and the point that it is marked by her artistic skill. Jakyungji Hamhung Diary was written by a suite of Kim, Myeong Soon provincial governor in Hamkyung Province in l8l0 (Soonjo lOth year). His name is unknown. But I presumed him to be Kim, Won Kun (Kim, Jo Soon's son) by its contents. This Jakyungji Hamhung Disry is inclined to explanation, and is lower than Uiyudang in literal vlaus. The consciousness of the author is marked by the loyalty to king because of his being public servant. After all Uiyudang Diary is the description with the prominent sense and Jakyungji Hamhung Diary, the description with prominent idea.
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