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幼兒服에 對한 實態調査

幼兒服에 對한 實態調査
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A STUDY ON THE ACTUAL SITUATION OF CHILDREN'S CLOTHES : Based on construction and color preference of children's clothes
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대학원 의류직물학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The study dealt on construotion of children's clothes through their mothers' responses to the children's clothes and further it dealt whether mother's color preference influence to the chIldren's color preference and to the color of clothes children actually wear. The subjects were 204 boys and 196 girls of 9 kindergardens and their mothers in Seoul from September 29, 1972 to October 16, 1972. As the methods used in thIs study, questionnair was for children's mothers, the color papers were presented to the children, and coloring picture was for the children and theIr mothers. The findings from this study were as follows: 1. There was higher tendency of purchasing ready-made garment for children from deparbment stores than from the market or children's specialized shop. 2, ConcernIng the materials and the cuttIng of children's clothes the market was shown poor, compared with the of the department stores and children's speciaIized shop. 3. The desIgn of clothes, from the department stores and the chIldren's specialized stores of clothes were shown to have been made more suitable for the ages of children and considered for children's physical development than the clothes from the market. 4. In general tendency, the smaller size for the ages of children were complained. 5. The older children, since they think themselves belong to their group, wanted to wear more similar design than the younger children do. 6. 4 years old children liked yellow without sex difference, but from the age of 5, the boys liked blue and the girls did yellow. 7. Children disliked yellow-ocher and brown regardless sex and ages. 8. In general, the children's favorite color were shown the same as the color they were fond of wearing. 9. Color chosen by boy's mothers were shown the same as the boy's favorited color, while the colors chosen by girl's mothers were not shown the same as the girl's favorite color.
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