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乳幼兒 寢具의 保溫에 關한 硏究

乳幼兒 寢具의 保溫에 關한 硏究
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A Study of Children's Beddings for Cold Prevention
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대학원 의류직물학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
This study has been aimed at testing of assorted children's beddings with their sustaining warm capacity for cold prevention against, the cold room air under the situation of relatively warm Korean Ondol floor in winter time. The experiment has been conducted with the thermometrical approach, the test weth the aid of thermo couple, under the condition of room temperature at 5℃ degree and the surface temperature of Electric VInyl Floor at 45℃±1℃ degree, for the time length of 10 minutes interval to 90 minutes measured from the very moment of one's getting into bed. The comparison between cotton wadding and cashmilon wadding materials measured for effectiveness of warm capacity. The testing necessities have been specially made for 8 kinds of covering and 3 kinds of mattresses. The Results obtained from the experiment are as follows: 1. The various temperature changes of inside the beddings depend mostly on the various thickness of the used mattresses - the thinner, the higher. However the recorded temperature, for the most part, relatively failed to reach an ideal proper point. 2. A cotton wadding made covering proves to be more or less superior to cashmilon wadding made one in preserving the warmth under the identical condition of the thickness. The temperature difference between two materials peacks at the thickness of 2.5 Cm. 3. The sustaining warm capacity for cold prevention is apparently added by the increment of the thickness of the usrd coverings. 4. The most ideal mattress is to be of a little more thickness so as to keep an edurable warmth controlled between the mattress and floor. 5. No remarkable effect favourable for cold prevention is noted from the application of the vinyl sheet in this experiment.
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