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熱量 制限 및 無蛋白食餌가 흰쥐의 體內代謝에 미치는 影響

熱量 制限 및 無蛋白食餌가 흰쥐의 體內代謝에 미치는 影響
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Effects of protein depletion and protein-calorie restriction on metabolic and enzymatic activities in adult rats
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대학원 식품영양학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
개발도상국가의 약20%의 사람들이 굶주리고 있고 세계의 많은 빈곤한 지역의 영양상의 문제는 「열량-단백질불량」 현상으로 나타나고 있다. 특히 취학전 아동들에게 이와같은 영양불량상태는 심각한 문제로 제시되고 있다. 본 연구는 식이제한과 아울러 protein-free diet 을 주므로써 일어나는 신체내의 대사상의 변화를 동물사육을 통하여 알아보고져 하였다. 1차실험에서는 20마리의 male albino rat를, 2차실험에서는 암수 각각 28마리를 표준식이군으로 일정기간 사육하여 몸무게가 1차실험에서는 509g±8g, 2차실험에서는 ♀ 223±4g, ♂ 329±5g로 증가시킨후 protein free diet과 protein free diet 에 식이량제한을 주어서 사육하였다. 그 결과 protein free 식이사육기간 동안에 배설되는 질소의 양에 있어서 ♂이 ♀보다 최종 몸무게 “g”당 배설되는 양으로 환산해 보면 높다. 그러나 protein free 이면서 ad libitum 나 protein free 에 50%와 75%의 제한 식이의 경우 큰 차이는 나타나지 않았다. protein free에서나 protein free에 50%와 75% 제한식이에도 liver내의 지방의 축적흔적은 없었으며 muscle보다도 liver가 매 "g" 당 함유된 지방의 양은 높았다. protein free 나 protein free에 50%와 75%의 제한식이에서 간, 비장, muscle과 Brain에 함유된 총 “N" 의 농도에는 큰 차이가 없었다. Enzyme activity 에서는 Control 과 비교할때, 전체 liver에 대한 수치는 제한 group에서 감소되었지만 "unit weight" 당으로 환산해 보면 비교적 차이가 없었다. 그러나 총장기들의 무게는 protein free나 protein free에 50%와 75% 제한에 심한 감소를 보여 주었다. 특히 ♀에서 sex organ의 무게 감소는 치명적이었다. 그러나 각장기의 감소율을 비교해 보면 protein free로써 ad libitum이면 control에 비해서 무게의 1/3~1/4의 감소가 나타났으나 protein free에 50% 식이 제한이면 대개 control 에 비해 1/2의 선으로 감소 하였다. 그러나 protein free에 15% 식이제한의 경우는 50% 식이제한에 비해 큰차이가 나타나지 않았다. 전체 몸무게 감소 경향도 이와같은 경향으로 나타났다.;Metabolic responses to the protein-free, high -carbohydrate diet and subsequent food restriction on the same diet at the level of 50% and 75% has been studied on the adult albino rats. The energy source was either corn starch or sugar. In experiment I, adult male rats weighing 509 = 8gm were divided into two groups 10 rats each. Rats fed on the soock diet served as a control. Rats of restriction group received a protein free diet until they reduced their weight down to 400gm and continue on a protein-calorie restriction diet until they reduced their weight down to 300gm. The rate of change in hepatic weight was greater than in body weight. That is the liver lose weight more rapidly than the body weight. Liver N reduced almost in half when rats were restricted on their dietary consumption. However, in group restricted, N concentration was not much differ from that of controls. Following semoi-starvation, FAO and HMP DH total enzyme activity was reduced, but activity per unit weight was relatively stable. In experimentll 28 adult male rats and the same numbers of female rats weighing 329 ? 5gm and 225 ? 4gm respectively were divided into four groups, 7 males and females in each. Rats fed on a stock diet were sacrificed at the point whun others started a protein free diet. These were served as the control group. The protein free group were sacrificed after faeding frotein free diet ad libitum for 4 weeks. The 50% restriction group and 75% restriction group were fed on a protein free diet coupled with food restriction at levels of 50% and 75% respectively for 3weeks. 1. The rate of body weight changes was similar between the males and the females. Feeding protein free diet ad lib initiated a rapid. weight loss of approximately 25% and protein free diut coupled with food restriction showed 37-43% reduction of their initial weight. 2. There was no significant differences in the value of the N concentration in liver, spleen, brain and. muscle between controls and experimental groups. 3. All three restrieted groups showed 1/10 Value of the control in the nitrogen oxcretion in urine. However female showed less N excretion than male. 4. Observing blood picture, the effects of protein depletion and calorie restriction were not appeared any remarkable changes. 5. The total liver lipeid value was higher in protein free group and 5% restriction group than the control group and 75% restriction group. However, there was no sign of fatty liver which might result from fatty infiltration. Lipid content in the muscle did not show any difference in all groups includud in this study.
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