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한국 어린이 및 청소녀의 지방량에 관한 연구

한국 어린이 및 청소녀의 지방량에 관한 연구
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Studies on the Body Fat of Normal Young Girls
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대학원 가정학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The major factors which affect the amount of body fat are sex, age. diet, physical fitness and diseases, and several methods have been developed for estimating the body fat content of the living human body. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the nutritional states and normal values of the body fat content of the Korea healthy young girls. Healthy 974 girls, ranging from 6 to 17 years of age, were selected randomly from each 12 elementary, junior and senior high schools In 4 prefectures (Seoul, Kyunggl, Choong Book and Choong Nam). Measurements of skinfold thickness with Best caliper at 5 different (pectoral,scapular,abdomen,thigh and arm) sites were made and the amount of body fat was calculated according to the regression equation found from the preliminary study. In this preliminary study, the mean skinfold thickness obtained from5 different sites are best correlated with the amount of body fat measured by underwater weighing method (=0,57). The mean skinfold thickness obtained from 3 sites (Keys and Brojek, 1953 ) and 10 sites (Allen et al, 1956) are rather poorly correlated with the amount of body fat measured by same underwater weighing method. The results are summarized as follows:1. The regression equation for predicting the amount of body fat (%of body weight Y) from the mean skin fold thickness of 5 sites (X) was as :follow: f=0.633×11.212. 2. The mean skinfold thickness of 5 sites was increased with ages after the age of 11 until the age of 16r while there was no increment at all until the age of The value at the age of 16 was 16.68mm. The amount of body fat at the age of 16 was approximately 2% of body weight. 3. The annual increments of each sites of skinfold thickness was highest abdomen than the other sites. 4. The total body fat (kg) was increased with ages until the age of 16,the increment was highest between the age of 11 and 15. The value attice age of 16 was 10.6kg. The finding shows that the amount of body fat of the Korean schoolgirls obtained from the present study was same as those results reported reviously and it may serve as one of the standards on the amounts of body fat of normal Korean young girls.
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