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韓國新聞雜誌 商品廣告美術의 方向

韓國新聞雜誌 商品廣告美術의 方向
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대학원 생활미술학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The title, "An observation of merchandise advertising art of Korean newspaper and magazine" has been selected to study how to make merchandise advertising art of Korean newspaper and magazine more effective on advertising merchandise. The meaning, kinds, and necessity of merchandise advertising art of newspaper and magazine has been explained in the first chapter. In the second chapter, in order to examine the present situation of merchandise advertising art of Korean newspaper and magazine, the following subjects are studied from several Korean newspapers and magazines. 1. To what kind of consumer group, kind of merchandise is communicated? 2. The size of the merchandise advertising.3. What are the subject materials for illustrating merchandise advertising art. 4. How many colors are used for illustrating each merchandise advertising? 5. What is the communication objectives of merchandise advertising? In the third chapter the following matters are explained. The consumer groups which should be the main objective uncommunicating merchandise. 2. The elements which could be used in communication objective of merchandise advertising art. 3. The communication order of merchandise advertising art. 4. The effective method of communication. 5. The headline length, kinds of headline, and coincidence of headline with illustration. 6. The kind and the length of body copy and coincidence of body copy with illustration. 7. The method of expression, kind and subject of illustration. 8. The color of headline and body copy which could be used in colored advertisement. 9. The associations which could be presented in color. 10. The kind of layout, method of layout according to the advertising size. 11. Decision of logo type, method of forming trade mark. In conclusion, this paper presents the direction of effective method of composing merchandise advertising art of Korean newspaper and magazine.
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