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造型美術에 나타난 作家의 이메지

造型美術에 나타난 作家의 이메지
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A Study on the Image of the Artists in Sculpture
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대학원 조소과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Throughout the history of ut in the West the stylistic innocations and creative experiments in fine arts following epochal changes have been so rapid and radical as compared with any other arts. In such historical, social situation artist sand sculptors in particular have shown themselves tightly at-attached to the search for harmonization between spiritual world of man and his surrounding world of everyday reality with the under lying images of historical acceptance and creative evolution, and to the search for something new and distinctive in personalty and technical applications. Thus, the purpose and main emphasis of this thesis is putto comparative analysis of the image of artists as shown in the history of sculpture to find out how they have met and felt such changes and how they have successfully expressed their reaction. Historically, the Greeks were people attached to search and realization of ideal beauty to express image of the absolute god in human form, the Renaissance men to search and realization of classical ideal of humanism with innovations in ideas and methods, and then the Modern men to search and realization of renewed classical ideal with throughly inventive approaches of vitality and symbolism of modern age, that are most clearly identified in the sculptural works of the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin. But, all influential artists till Rodin who were quite do-voted to figurative, representational expressions of human figure were to face and expose themselves to the appearances of two sculptors, Amedeo Giacomatti and Henry Moore, for the former successfully realized in his works of distorted figuration the search for the absolute, while the later pursued innovations of expressive volumes of human figure for the sake of elemental expression of human figure. Through their influences the Constructivists Naum Cabo, Antoine Pevsner, and Vladimir Tatlin, etc. of later period continued to further search and experiment human figure by geometrical, functional, and structural analysis just to achieve the abstract construction of human form. Our is a world of science and technology, so swift and radical in its changes. In other words, it is a world of cool logic and mechanical order, so functional and cosmic. It is, therefore, the function and needs of all artists of our age to create a new image of artist which will reflect the hope of man.
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