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造形性을 中心으로 한 刺繡敎育의 問題

造形性을 中心으로 한 刺繡敎育의 問題
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The Basic Attitude of the Embroidery Education
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대학원 자수과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of our class of the painting course in our general school education is not only to train a student's technique or to get him trained in skill but also to contribute to cultivating his creative power and building up his wholesome personality through the direct-ions of his appreciation and production in the painting, In accordance with the aim of an art courser embroidery eduction also has the same object. It should be attain-ed, taking it's ground on the basic attitude of the formative education or, what we call, the painting education in the general school. But according to the investigation, the actual condition of the present embroidery education is distant' from the purpose of the art course. In the last days embroidery was characterized by the manual and industrial technique, but because the modern embroidery keenly needs the pictorial character and changes into the embroidery painting with a formative sense, the through reflection and the new understanding of the aim are demanded in the guidance of embroidery. Above all, we should think that the embroidery education is to represent itself unrestrained by anything by the medium of embroidery. The modern embroidery differently needs the producer's creative faculty in all producing process for an embroidery work from the past one that demanded only the manual and artistic technique to embroidery according to the design as it is. If you didn't know the such fundamental elements, as the pictorial one and the principle in designing the embroidery, it would be difficult for you to do so. So we should understand the knowledge about the design and all elements and principles that the design demands. We also should develop the individual design for embroidery through the practice of design for ourselves. Namely, we must have an experience of producing process and originally express our own feelings to the things that impress everyone differently, by using our characteristic design, a color scheme, materials, and techniques. By doing this, embroidery can give the creative spirited the creative faculty to the students. The creative spirit gained thus Will build up the individual rich feeling and emotion and enrich our lives abundantly.
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