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Gustave Flaubert의 Elisa Foucault에 대한 情熱

Gustave Flaubert의 Elisa Foucault에 대한 情熱
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Flaubert, at his 15 years of age, met Elisa Schle'singer, who was the unforgettable character for his life, at the Beach of Trouville where Flaubert himself and his family used to stay every summer during their vacations. There is a unique story behind this Beach, a story of a boy who scooped out a red cape in which black stripes are imprinted from the waves of raged ocean to a place of safety. This story is entitled as "Memoires d'un Fou", you know the description of the cape "Une Chairmante pelisse rouge avec des raise noire", it is said that the boy was greeted with thanks by the owner of the cape, Mme Elisa Schle'singer just, because of the cape being rescued from the raged ocean waves, and this was the very beginning of a love. The story has been described as being that Fre'de'ric, the hero of this story picked the cape, the long shawl of the violet strip of cloths, up from aboard on the ship from which the shawl was going to be dropped by the water. The description of Mme Arnoux is similar to that of Maria. The impression of the 15 year old. boy has been kept live up to 50 years of age as it was from the beginning. Flaubert has been acquainted with the family of Schle'singer at Trouville then he could have become a frequent visitor to her family in Paris, where he was in love with her. But his love was a sort of a Platonic one as being described in the"L'Education Sentimentale". Even though there is a word that such love can not be easily seen in the French society, the fact that such love could not help being kept in the mind of Flaubert, is thought to have been caused by Elisa who was supposed to keep a secret in her mind. According to Ge'rard Gailly, Elisa was said to get marry with Jude'e, an infantry Lieutenant. Lt. Jude'e, her husband, committed a grave crime for which he could not but compensate to restore his honor. By chance Schle'singer, the Jew, could owe the responsibility instead Judec gave up his official position and dismissed from his society, In effect, Schle'singer met Elisa as his wife, as it has been so understood, If this understanding were rejected Jude'e could not help being killed himself, more over her family had to be dishonored. This was why Elisa rescued her family and her husband. This kind of background story is the objective of the man's life work, his passion and his aim of his life itself. The subjected theme of my thesis, also lies in this point, focusing -to the development of this theme.
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