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Eva Hesse作品의 造形的 特性에 관한 硏究

Eva Hesse作品의 造形的 特性에 관한 硏究
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(A) Study on Moulding Character of Eva Hesse's Work
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대학원 조소과
Eva Hesse선형조소
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Abstract experessionism after world war makes diverse art style which inherited Minimal. Minimal, not individual character, has free form through using diverse material with the development of soft sculpture. Eva Hesse, being a Minimalist, construct unique sphere which has that ideology, expression content and method to other works. In this study, significance was given to the study what shape character does E. Hesse's work have, by investigating E. Hesse's overall work world, recognizes unique artistic view again. The purpose of this study is to examine closely the shape character of E. Hesse's work, through analyzing E. Hesse's work. The content of this study is, to examine closely the shape character which appeared in E. Hesse's work, the background of the times, E. Hesse's work, E. Hesse's psychological approaches were investigated as a theoretical background in chapter Ⅱ, in chapter Ⅲ, the analyzed result which analyzed E. Hesse's work by periods, and in chapter Ⅳ, by dividing and analyzing moulding character of work, material's work by periods, and in chapter Ⅳ, by dividing and analyzing moulding character of work, material's character, express methods, and those characters were examined. As a method of this study, documents and works were used as basic tool and theoretical background was studied through documental material. As a collecting method, classifying artist's 18 pieces of work which related to E. Hesse and E. Hesse's work in which moulding character appears well, by periods and types, all took 66 pieces as subjects. The results of this study are as followings: The expression contents of E. Hesse's work showed the aspect of psychological opposition through his whole life and this feeling was expressed through personal and emotional way. In the first term work, the sexual images of men and women which appeared as two-dimensional adn three-dimensional aspects and in the last term work, throush the latex which is not everlasting material, the aspects of psychological confrontation to E. Hesse's existence characters were spreaded. The expression modes of E. Hesse's work appear largely as three. A semi concrete scheme, in his former term work, a geometrical abstract scheme which affected by Minimalism in his former and latter times of 1967 and a lyricaL abstract scheme which being affected by abstract expressionism in after autumn of 1967, appeared. E. Hesse spreaded expression content by using diverse material in his whole life. Especially by using non-everlasting latex in 1967 and everlasting fiberglss in 1968, he spreaded the aspects of psychological confrontation. The expression method of E. Hesse's work appears as non-formal process which taking much of repeating scheme and arrange installation method of random arrangement and the process of work treating.;戰後 抽象表現主義는 Minimal에 이은 다양한 미술양식을 형성한다. 기하학적이고 비 개성적인 Minimal은 soft Sculpture의 영향과 더불어 다양한 材料의 사용을 통한 자유로운 形式이 나타난다. E. Hesse는 1960년대 미국사회의 다양한 미술양식을 받아들이면서 나름대로 독창적 작품영역을 구축한다. 본 연구에서는 E. Hesse의 作品世界 전반에 걸친 고찰을 통해, 그의 예술관을 인식하고, E. Hesse作品이 어떤 造形的 特性을 갖는가 硏究하는 데 意義를 갖는다. 本 硏究의 團的은 E. Hesse작품을 분석해 봄으로서, E. Hesse 작품의 造形的 特性을 규명하는데 있다. 木 硏究의 內容은 E. Hesse작품에 나타난 조형적 특성을 규명하기 위해 Ⅱ장에서 時代的 背景, E. Hesse의 예술세계를 이론적 배경으로 고찰하고, Ⅲ장에서는 E. Hesse작품을 시기별로 분석한 결과, Ⅳ장에서는 E. Hesse의 작품을 表現 內容, 材料의 特性, 表現 方法으로 구분하여, 조형적 특성을 분석하였다. 本 硏究의 方法은 문헌을 기본도구로 하였으며 ,문헌자료를 통해 이론적 배경을 연구하였다. 작품 표집은 E. Hesse와 관련된 작가 작품 18점과 E. Hesse의 작품중 造形的 特性이 잘 나타난 작품을 시기와 유형별로 분류하여 모두 66점을 대상으로 하였다. 本 硏究의 結果는 다음과 같다. E. Hesse作品의 表現 內容은 일생동안 心理的 對立의 양상을 띄며 이런 감정들이 개인적이고 감각적인 방법으로 표현된다. 1期作品에서 무의식세계에 나타난 男 · 女의 性的 image를, 2期作品에서는 2차원과 3차원의 對立의 양상을, 그리고 3期作品에서는 비영속성인 latex 를 통해, E. Hesse의 존재성에 대한 심리적 대립의 양상을 확산시킨다. E. Hesse는 일생동안 다양한 재료의 사용을 통해 表現 內容을 확산시킨다. 특히 1967년의 非永續性인 latex와 1968년의 永續性인 강화된 fiberglass의 사용을 통해 E. Hesse의 심리적 대립의 양상을 확산시킨다. E. Hesse작품의 表現方法은 반복적인 형태와 배열, 작품을 다루는 過程을 중요시 여기는 非形式的 過程,그리고 공간을 중요시 하는 불규칙하고 일시적인 배열로 나타난다.
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