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E.T.A. Hoffmann에 있어서 浪漫主義 藝術家의 葛藤意識

E.T.A. Hoffmann에 있어서 浪漫主義 藝術家의 葛藤意識
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In E.T.A. Hoffmannt's works Kreisler is the character who reveals the writer himself and his problems best. Hoffmann who knew well the conflicts of music and musician through his musical life, treats the problem of musie and musican in Kreisleriana and the conflict of the musician ana the society in Kater Murr. The problem of music and musician is the one of the dualism of music itself, which leads man to the world of heaven and that of hell and ruin by the demonic power. Kreisler had the conflict of the lack of genius. Kresler lacks the capacity of genius which changes the musical phantasy into the reasonable power. The lack of it does not save Kreisler from the musie alphantasy but makes him the unfortunate artist who is only Pursued by it. Kreisler whois pursued by his own Phantasy, is ruined by the magic power of musie. That means madness. The problem of musie and the ordinary life is the conflict of Kreisler' sideal world and existence. the weak and simple nature of Kreisler can not understand the complexity of society. the society can not understand him, so he. finds the outlet only in music which is the heaven of phantasy and his only saviour. He disguises himself with humour and irony as the defence against the society which regard music as only aaecoration. So he is treated as a madman. His inner conflict is the continuousone of the demonic power (Daemon), the element which leads him to the ruin and to the artistic world. So Hoffmann didn't make bis characters successful ones, and the Kreisler Who accepted musician's frustration asa destiny, can not be □aved by anything. That is the result owing to Romanticism itself which refuses the compromise with the actual Life and pursues everything in the art only. The true nature of Kreisler which can not be saved forever in this inner conflict is the one of Romanticism itself. TheraforeH.A.Korff commented that Kreisler is the most important character in German Romanticism and the only one that Hoffmann created.
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