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Camus에 있어서의 不條理와 反抗에 관한 몇가지 考察

Camus에 있어서의 不條理와 反抗에 관한 몇가지 考察
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Quelques considerations sur l'absurdite et la revolte chez Camus
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대학원 불어불문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The puroose of this thesis Lies in the consideration of the absvrd and the concept of revolt in the works of camus. (Among Camus'works), L'ete and Noces were chosen as represe ntatjves of his early thinking, (L'etranger a and Le mythe de Sisyphe as examples of his intermediate period) and L'homme revolte and La Peste as representatives of his later work. Camus was born in Algeria and accustomed to the naturalwildness of A1geria as described in his early works, Nocesand L'ete, but when he confronted the civilization' of Europe, Camus felt estranged. That feeling is what is emphasized inL'etranger. The man appearing here, the absurd human being, leads amechanical and habitual life, enduring the insensibility ofman's fate. Though humans can neither escape from confronting the absurd nor help accepting the irrationality and contradictions of catastrophic circumstances such as in La peste, Camus insists that we should struggle against this absurdityand attempt. to pursue the greatest possible happiness. This is the necessary revolt that an existentialist in Camusworks must choos. In a word, Camus has tried to create the value and meaning of humsn existence, not by getting rid of the absurdity butrevolting against it. This is the real attitude of revolt against life's absurdity which Camus expressed in his works, _Le mythe de sisyphe and L'homme revolte. particularly, L'homme revolte criticizes severely the ;potential implications of soicial revoluti on that arise from this personal revolt, presents the willingness and the methods of realistic revolt, Lets the readers analyze and criticize the way in which a man who revolts must grope for meaningin today' s modern thought, and is searching for the goal for ich the modern man in revolt should be headed.
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