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作品「Woyzeck」에 나타난 Buchner의 虛無性의 糾明

作品「Woyzeck」에 나타난 Buchner의 虛無性의 糾明
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대학원 독어독문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Woyzeck which has a critical trend towards society, reveals best its author, G. Buchnert's conern in human being. In this work Buchner depicts Wayzeck, a gunner as well as a barber, who lives poorly in the lower depths of society and kills Marie, his lover and only consolation. Through this human tragedy we can find Buchner's unique nihilism of being. Buchner criticlzes aristooratism and makes fun of dullness and stupidtity inside of human being through Hauptmann and Doktor·incontrast with Woyzeck, useless and powerless being in the society. Through Woyzeck who has an ugly appearance Buchner also pursuestruth and naturalness inside of human being. Woyzeck who ieolates himself from all society hears a voice in his own inside, a product of original uneasiness of human being. This voice are gettingstronger by circumstances and the treachery of Marie, his own fortune, and becomes a fixed idea long before. To Woyzeck who is controlled by this voice the meaning of human being is lost. In the portrait of character who loses the situation of human being Buchner's miserable fataltsm is included and in it we can fine the nihil of Buchner who recognizes the absolute nothingness. The fairy tale in this work stands for symbolicallv this nlhilism. This fairy tale which foreshows the life of Woyzeck's bastard shows the true nature of Buchner's nihilism, which means that originallyman is solitary. Buchner's nihilism is not Schopenhauer's or Nietzche's which is treated ideally and arrives at the level of overcomming. It recognizes the nothingness and Buchner treats it mythologically. In this Thesis I regard the ending of this unfinished work the suicide of Woyzeck. Through Woyzeck who is experienoed the doubleego by the irresistible force and receives the tragio ending Buchnerextremaly despalrs of the original nihilism of human life. But this despair shows that Buchner recognizes the nihilism thoroughly and regards it as one of possibilities in life.
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