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李朝時代의 造形物에 나타난 吉祥紋樣에 관한 硏究

李朝時代의 造形物에 나타난 吉祥紋樣에 관한 硏究
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A Study on the Pattorn of Good Fortune Charater in the Yi-Dynasty
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대학원 생활미술학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The purpose of -this thesis is to study of good fortune characters, which are the major part of patterns in the Yi-Dynasty. Good fortune character is the patterns which mean long life, good fortune, safety, also those contained, ten long life symbols, i.e. sun, moon, cloud, mountain, dragon, crane, deer, pine-tree, Japanese touchwood, bamboo and peony, lotus, grape, good fortune language patterns, etc. In this manner patterns' of good fortune. treated, which is decorated with- object in the Yi-Dynasty, with which manner the materials are represented and what is the character that those have the object of showing patterns, divided into lacquer ware, bone, pottery, general wood technological ogy, building paiting, stone tower , block, embroidery, etc. And it was debated on description. Patterns are divided into animal patterns, mysterious draft pattern, cloud pattern, good fortune language patterns in materials and representation. Each. pattern de□lt with represented variety and animal patterns are divided into dragon pattern, tiger patterns, deer pattern, phoenix. pattern, crane pattern, bat pattern, mysterious draft patterns are divided into lotus pattern, peony pattern, grape pattern, pine-tree pattern, good fortune language patterns are divided into long life, happiness good fortune, health and wealth etc. The character of pattern was divided into patterns meant wealth and fame, patterns meant many mankind, patterns, meant long life. Patterns meant wealth and fame could be divided into peony, lotus, dragon, tiger pheonix, good fortune language. Patterns meant long life could be divided into deer, crane, pine-tree, Japanese touch wood bamboo. Pattern meant many mankind could be divided into grape, bat. As these patterns represent general meanings which these has, these sometimes has meanings which divided from □rganismot pattern according to employer. Life this patterns that represent hardly realistic good fortune meaning which meant wealth and fame, many mankind long life is represented managemently in the Lee-Dynasty.
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