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濾紙電氣移動法에 의한 血淸蛋白質의 分離定量 및 그의 臨床學的 應用

濾紙電氣移動法에 의한 血淸蛋白質의 分離定量 및 그의 臨床學的 應用
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대학원 약학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The method of the quantitative paper electrophoresis was applied to the analysis of human serum proteins. In the electrical field proteins will move towards one of the poles if the pH of the solution is above or below the isoelectric point of the proteins. At pH 8.6 all serum proteins will transfer to the anode, as they are negatively charged with at this pH. The various protein fractions will migrate with different speed depending Upon the electrical charges and the sizes of the molecules Fractionation of the serum proteins is thus possible by means of electrophoresis. Albumin is the fastest moving fraction, followed by α_(1)-globulin, α_(2)-globulin, β-globulin and γ-globulin. The change of total protein and its various proteins in normal pregnant women were measured according to the Biuret test and paper electrophoresis. Total protein, albumin, α_(1)-globulin, α_(2)-globulin, γ-globulin were decreased and total globulin and β-globulin were increased during pregnancy, comparing normal pregnant women in third trimester with normal nonpregnant ones. The increase of β-globulin in third trimester of pregnancy can be regarded as being caused by the compensation for the lipemia in normal pregnancy. Especially the decrease of albumin is thought from the results of increased plasma volume and increase of the amount required by dint of the growth of fetus.
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