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朝鮮時代의 繡노리개에 對한 硏究

朝鮮時代의 繡노리개에 對한 硏究
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A Study on Enabroidered Pendent Purse of Yi Dynasty
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대학원 응용미술학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
朝鮮時代 사용하던 여러 종류의 裝身具중에서, 여인들이 직접 만들어서 사용했던 것이 繡노리개이다. 그러나 그 당시의 社會的인 背景은 男尊女卑의 思想으로 裝身具들이 소홀히 다루어져 왔고, 특히 현대에 와서 服飾生活의 姿遷에 따라 使用되지 않음으로 쉽게 잊혀지게 되었다. 그뿐만이 아니라 繡노리개는 다른 金屬이나 玉石類와는 달리 材料가 減物 이므로 쉽게 消滅 되었다. 그러므로 본 論文에서, 繡노리개를 연구하고자 하는 目的은 繡노리개에 관한 資料를 整理 해서 保存 하며, 그것을 통해서 紋樣과 製作過程?使用方法 등을 硏究하여 繡노리개가 지닌 工藝品으로서의 價値를 살펴보았다.;This thesis aims at studying "embroidered pendent purse," a kind of various personal ornaments that women of the Yi Dynasty usually used to adorn themselves with. Though women of the Yi Dynasty made and embroidered their pendent purses for themselves, personal ornaments like those purses were not kept well, because in those days women were in an inferior social status under the social climate of "predominance of man over woman." Especially, as the dress and ornaments style has been changed nowadays, they have faded away from the interest of the world. Besides, there is not enough remains, because they get easily destroyed and worn out, for they are made of textiles, not metal nor precious stones. So materials about "embroidered pendent purses" need to be collected and well preserved. In addition, their esthetic value as industrial art products is enormous enough to study. Therefore with the help of the well-arranged materials this thesis is primarily intended to study about two points as follow:women's life style and religious sense of the Yi Dynasty; the course of making and the ways of using "embroidered pendent purse."
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