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軟膏基劑의 經皮吸收에 關한 硏究

軟膏基劑의 經皮吸收에 關한 硏究
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軟膏의 ?皮吸收에 관한 연구방법에는 여러 가지 있으나 그 중 生物學的 實驗法을 選擇하여 一定量의 軟膏를 一定時間 건강한 人體피부면에 貼布하여 尿中 藥物 排泄量dfm 測定하였다. 즉 Salicylic Acid를 主性分 藥物로 하고 몇가지 基劑를 選擇하였다. 基劑들은 Vaseline, Olive Oil in Vaseline, Peanut Oil in Vaseline, Cotton Seed Oil in Vaseline, Lanoline, Lanoline in Vaseline 等이다. 그 結果 Vaseline 單味일 때 보다느 植物性油를 加했을 때 吸收效果가 좋은 것 같았으며 특히 Olive Oil을 加했을 경우 Vaseline 單味에서 보다 110%, Peanut Pil의 경우 89% 尿中 Saliclic Acid 排泄量이 增加하였다. 또 Lanoline 單味의 경우 尿中 Salicylic Acid 排泄量은 Vaseline 單味의 2.1倍였는데 Lanoline과 Vaseline을 同量混合한 基劑일 경우 Lanoline 單味일때보다 尿中 Saliclic Acid 排泄量이 43% 증가 하였다. 한편 Saliclic Acid 混合方法에 있어서 Saliclic Acid를 100 mesh의 微細粉末로 한 것과 Alcohol에 溶解시킨 것을 各各 Vaseline基劑에 混合하여 비교한 結果 Alcohol에 溶解시켰을 때 吸收效果가 더 좋은 것 같았다. ;There are many kinds of researching method for absorption of the ointment through skin. Among them, as the biological testing method, a certain amount of the ointment was applied on the norma1 human skin during a certain period and the amount of excretion of the medicine in the urine was measured. The principal medicine, salicylic acid, was mixed with some kinds of bases that are vaseline, olive oil in vaseline, peanut oil in vaseline, cotton seed oil in vaseline, lanoline, and lanoline in vaseline, The effects of absorption of the bases were compared by the amount of excretion of salicylic acid in the urine. The results of the study are as follows: 1. The effect of absorption of vegetable oil in vaseline seems to be better than of vaseline only. For example, the amount of excretion of salicylic acid in the urine increased 110% when olive oi lwas added and 89% when peanut oil was added. 2. The amount of excretion of salicylic acid in the urine of lanoline base was 2.1 times higher than vaseline base, and that of lanoline in vaseline base increased 44% than lanolmie base only. 3. To mix the salicylic acid with vaseline, two types of salicylic acid were added-one was fine powder (100 mesh) and the other was the alcoholic solution. The amount of excretion of salicylic acid in the urine increased when alcoholic salicylic acid was added to vaseline.
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