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微生物의 醱酵에 依하여 營養價를 높인 밀기울이 흰쥐의 成長發達에 미치는 影響

微生物의 醱酵에 依하여 營養價를 높인 밀기울이 흰쥐의 成長發達에 미치는 影響
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대학원 가정학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The author carried out this study to research the biological value of the protein fermented wheat bran. This study mainly devided into two parts. First parts include seven subgroups composed of five rats and second part fourteen-subgroups, composed of six rats each. In the first part of this study forty weanling male rats, aged 40?5 days were fed by fermented wheat bran diet for seven weeks. In second part of this study 90 male weanling rats were fed by rice and soybean diet supplemented by fermented wheat bran. In the first part of this study food consumption rate of fermented group showed higher than standard group but the former group is lower than the later in the body weight gains. In the second part of this study, rice groups showed same trend of the result of the first part, but soybean groups did not go along with the result of rice groups. In regard to body nitrogen retention rate, fermented wheat diet group showed higher than the standard group in the first part of this study. In the second part of this study rice diet groups revealed same result as that of first part of this study but soybean diet did not give the same result in this respect. There was no significant difference in organ weight in all experimental groups but devided by 100 gram of body weight, the reverse is true in compare with body weight gains. Hematological investigation did not show the significance in both experimental and standard groups of first and second studies. It is conclusion of this study that rice which is inferior than soybean in protein quality, increase the rate of supplementary effect by fermented wheat bran in all respects of this study.
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