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韓國大學劇에 관한 硏究

韓國大學劇에 관한 硏究
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대학원 국어국문학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
I have a strong desire to write this, in other words, I have felt a strong responsibility to write this, Somehow I have felt since long that I've got to analyze this kind of theme both synthetically and historically. The theme of this present thesis is to study what kind of role the Student Drama has been taken in the development of dramatic arts in Korea, as well as how influenced by proffession theatre. In Introduction I described how the Student Drama has been formed since modern drama came to our country influenced by European and Russian Drama which generally assumed happened at the year of 1908. Introduction accordingly includes physical achievement of Student Drama at its first period and its historical significance. In Chapter Ⅰ, I mentioned the relations between College and Drama which actually agreed to the discussions on the important place of theatrical movement in college life. In Chapter Ⅱ Student Drama before the year of 1945 are stated. In Chapter Ⅲ the development of Student Drama from 1945 up to 1969 are deacribed divided into three periods, the first period covered the years from 1945 to 1950 which characterized by unstability and difficulty of national situation, It is also discussed how the Students has stood among a rather confused ideological controvercy through the dynamic art media of drama. The second period begins at 1950 and lasted until the year of 1960. At this period, Korean Drama has been fully inspired by the American and continental drama. Student Drama has been fully blossomed since 1960, and thereafter which I defined as the third period. In Chapter Ⅳ I discussed plays performed here, comparing foreign works translated and domestic ones, I persued the main reason why translated plays are conspicuously favored rather than those written by home authors. I was also careful not to miss to analyze theatrical techniques including direction, setting and acting. In conclusion, I stated without any hesition that Student Drama in Korea has developed without its legacy only influenced by foreign drama, Nevertheless, Student Drama, already being a tradition, has devoted considerably In the whole development of Korean Drama, quite often forseeing the way proffessional theatre should aim at, and there are plenty of signs that such a fuction is far more materialized as times go on.
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