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韓國代表級 運動選手의 性格分析

韓國代表級 運動選手의 性格分析
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대학원 체육학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The physical performance does not mean the physical element alone, which one is likely to think, but it includes both physical element and spiritual one. We often see the case in which our sports teams win in technique but are defeated in game itself in international games. It may be said to be the real evidence that our sports-teams are deprived of the spiritual element of physical performance. Accordingly, both the physical and spiritual element of physical porformance should be emphasized for the purpose of improving the physical fitness. The purpose of this study is to catch such a spiritual status of sports-men and to collect the necessary materials for supplementing it. In this approach, I take national champions as the subject of this analysis and to try to find out the difference of character formation under the character pattern of sports by abstracting the character tendency of individual or group. The available materials necessary to guide sports-men will be collected therefrom. The survey items covered by this study are as follows: a. Analysis of general tendency of the character element of male and female sports-players; b. Analysis of character element according to sports events; c. Analysis of character element according to sports career; d. Analysis of character element according to daily training time; e. Analysis of character element according to the role of sports-men; f. Analysis of character element according to sports game score; g. Analysis of character element according to sports motive; h. Analysis of character element according to nursing place. This kind of survey items is classified into thirteen(13) factors in accordance with the standardization character survey of Professor Lee Jin Suk. Thirteen factors are such as; 1. Social Introversion-Social Extroversion. 2. Thinking Introversion-Thinking Extroversion. 3. Depression 4. Cycloid Disposition 5. Rhathymia 6. General Activity 7. Ascendancy 8. Masculinity
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