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韓服이 人體에 미치는 生理的 變化

韓服이 人體에 미치는 生理的 變化
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대학원 의류직물학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
胸部에 加해지는 衣服壓에 生기는 生理的 및 病理的 變化에 對한 여러 硏究가 Corset 와 日本의 和帶의 경우에 많이 行하여 졌다. 이것으로 미루어 본 韓服 特히 치마말이 胸部에 加하는 壓力 때문에 生기는 生理的負擔이 存在하리라 보고 韓服 着用時에 관한 予傭調査結果 總應答者의 84.8 %가 胸部의 壓迫感을 呼訴하였다. 따라서 本 硏究는 生理的 負擔을 實驗的 方法에 의해 양적 觀察 하고자 行하여졌다. 20歲에서 24歲까지의 24名의 健康한 女子를 無選的으로 A.B 두 集團으로 나누어 A集團은 洋服着用實驗後에 韓服着用 實驗을 行하고 B集團은 順序를 바꾸어 實驗하였다. 實驗은 各 被驗者들은 4㎞/hr 의 速度로 移動하는 水平걸음틀(Treadmill) 위를 5分間 步行시켜 安定時와 步行時의 每 1分마다 脈搏數, 酸素消費量, 呼吸數, 分時換氣量을 Siemen 社製 Siregnost FD 90 lung function monitor를 使用하여 測定하였으며 肺活量은 實驗 直前에 測定하여 洋服着用時와 韓服着用時의 測定値를 比較하였다. 1. 肺活量은 韓服着用時 2.175ℓ, 洋服着用時에 2.716ℓ로 韓服着用時에 顯著한 減少를 보인다. 2. 脈搏數는 洋服을 着用했을때와 韓服을 着用했을때의 安靜時에는 差異가 없으나 運動5分後에는 큰 差異를 나타내고 있다. 3. 酸素消費量은 洋服을 着用했을때와 韓服을 着用했을때의 安靜時에는 差異가 없으나 運動5分後에는 큰 差異를 보이고 있다. 4. 呼吸數는 洋服을 着用했을 때와 韓服을 着用했을 때의 安靜時에는 差異가 없으나 運動 5分後에는 큰 差異를 보이고 있다. 分時換氣量은 服裝의 두 條件下에서 安靜時와 運動 5分後에도 差異를 보이지 않고있다. 5. 各 測定値는 F-Test에 의해 實驗順序나 集團間에 差異가 없다. 위의 事實로 미루어 보아 韓服着用時와 洋服着用時의 生理的 負擔을 比較하여 보면 安靜時에는 두 服裝間에는 差異가 없으나 運動後에는 生理的 負擔이 加重되는 것으로 보아 韓服은 活動服으로 서는 適合치 않음을 보여주고 있다. 韓服은 우리의 固有服이며 線의 아름다움이 優秀하며 直線의 處理는 韓民族의 身體的 欠點인 短身을 잘 補完하여주나 위의 事實에 미루어 生理的 負擔이 크므로 韓服의 美를 해치지 않는 範圍內에서의 허리部分의 改良이 健康上 必要하다고 생각된다. ;Korean dress consists of 6hi-ma (long-wide skirt) and Jo-go-ri (short.jacket), especially chi-ma is designed to fasten on the chest. When we work in Korean dress, we have to fasten chima-band (skirt-band) tightly on the chest in order not to lose the skirt. In this case, depending upon some experiments I made, the tests show that the pressure given to the chest is very great. I saw that the pressure impede our respiratory function, so this report proves the physiological change that happens on the chest when we act in Korean dress. To evaluate and measure qunatitatively the physiological changes caused by pressure on chest by wearing Korean dress, an experiment was conducted to a group of 24 women aged from 20 years to 24 years old, comparing the physiological effects of Korean dress with those of pressless one-piece dress during a walk on a treadmill running with a speed of 4 ㎞/hr. Physiological changes such as heart beat, oxygen consumption, respiratory rate and minute ventilation were measured every minute at last by Siemen's Siregnost FD90 lung function monitor and vital capacity was measured only at rest. The subjects were divided into two groups consisted of 12 women each ; one group was subjected to the experiment with Korean dress first and then with pressless one-piece dress, the other group vice versa, to eliminate training effect on the result. Each physiological changes began immediately after start of walking and arrived at steady state about 3 minutes later. Differences of physiological changes during walking between two groups were tested by variance analysis, and difference of vital capacity at rest by t-test. The results obtained are as follows: 1. There was markedly different in vital capacity between the two groups (P<0.0l) showing the mean values are 2.176 liters for Korean dress and 2.7l6 liters for one-piece dress. 2. Heart beat and oxygen consumption also showed different between the two groups (P<0.0l) and 5% level of statistical sIgnificance respectively; mean values of heart beat are 124.8 beat/min for Korean dress, and 114.8 beat/min for one-piece dress; mean values of exygen consumption are 1.070 liter/min for Korean dress and 0.983 liter/min for one-piece dress group(P< 0.05). 3. There was also difference in respiratory rate between the two groups, showing the respiratory rate was 34.5 breath/min for Korean dress, and 30.0 breath/min for one-piece dress (P<0.0l). 4. Minute ventilation did not show significant difference between the two groups, showing the average mean value is 25.0 liter/min for Korean dress, and 24.0 liter/min for one-piece dress group (P> 0.05). According to the results of experiments it is very obvious that Korean dress disturbsour respiratory function. In conclusion, for the people who used to get on it, Korean dress must be improved so as to lessen the pressure given to the chest within the limits of preserving its unique beauty.
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