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抽象繪畵 論考

抽象繪畵 論考
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대학원 서양화과
이화여자대학교 대학원
For studing of whole movement of the abstract paintings, first of all, the main object of this treatise is considering the establishment of central factors in the formation of primary abstract paintings, it's analysis and comparison of the factors, the historical situation of changes in the abstract paintings. In fact, the abstract art is a movement of liberal art, in which many factors is synthesized. It's character containing miscellaneous varieties in it's interior. As the central factors of changes in the abstract paintings I set up the cubism and the expressinism. I also compared and considered both of it's characters. At the same time I classified the whole movement of the abstract paintings almost into former and later period (1932, 1941). As the reasons of classification into former and late period, First; Considering by viewpoint of the art history, the movement of the abstract art as the synthetic movement of various sects was made more concrete during the two periods (former & later), and it's historical significanse is immense. Second; In spite of a series of identity to the nature-formation, the methods and the ideas of former (1932) and later (1941) movement in the abstract paintings, there appeared many aspects of change in the movement of later period. (The movement of this period had a group of artists, who professed a tendency of the abstract expressionism, but also involved mostly the idea of surrealism, like Hundertwasser, Appel.) The cause of classifing and considering the whole movement in the abstract paintings into two periods (by above mentioned reasons) is owing to the easiness of understanding the course of change in it's nature, method and ideas. This treatise tries to investigate the inevitability of the appearance of the abstract paintings in the beginning of the 20th century in historical view, and is also related to it's background of social view, and the process of it's development indicating the relations between the cubism and the thought thought relating intimately to the political situation and that adhered to the substantial traditions of modeling. But even if their standpoints were very heterogeneous characteristically, their mutual influences were vigorous. The abstract art starts with pursuing freshly the reality of human through all the course of modeling. And also the abstract art is the reaction of human being confronted by the profound depth of nothing and the expression of a kind of wrath distrusted or renounced even the organic principles. It is the expression of the creative freedom of human nature in such situation.
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