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현행 인문계 고등학교 체육교과서의 내용분석

현행 인문계 고등학교 체육교과서의 내용분석
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The purpose of the study is focused on it that is focused on it that, by means of the content analysis of the five different of physical education text book publish newly, the degree of coincidence between present curriculum and text book or teacher's guide book in its content is examined closely and then the material for the curricullum and text book which will be reformed in the future. Content analysis method was applied to the study and curriculum amended it was used as in 1974 and the criterion of analysis. The results obtained from the study were summarized as follows; 1) The unit allotment of curriculum by its domain is similar to that of tertbook, but the unit allotment of E textbook is much different from that of curriculum. 2) The domain content of textbook does not comprehend all that of curriculum. 3) The rate of couposition among the fields of the theory, practlcal exercise and health in the text put emphasis on only realm of health in disregard of the rate of composition presented to the curriculum. 4) The unit allotment of the textbook by its domain put emphasis on the realm of bealth at s high rate, and concentrated on the theery. 5) School teachers shall have many difficulties in teaching activity because the unit allotment of curriculum by its domain is different from that of the guide book in the rate of composition. 6) The unit allotment concentrated on the realm of health in both testbook and guide book, but it neglected the dance filld or free choice field.;本 硏究는 새로 改編된 5種의 體育敎科書의 內容分析을 통하여 現行 敎育課程과 敎科書 및 指導書의 內容과의 一致度를 糾明하여 將次 改編될 敎科課程과 敎科書에 必要한 參考資料를 提示하는 데 그 目的이 있다. 硏究의 方法은 內容分析法(Content analysis)을 적용하였으며 1974年 改正 公布된 敎育課程의 內容 自體를 分析基準으로 하였다. 硏究의 結果를 요약해 보면 (1) 敎育課程과 敎科書 領域別 單位配當은 거의 비슷하게 나타내고 있으나 E敎科書만 많은 차이를 나타내고 있다. (2) 敎科書의 領域內容은 敎科課程 領域內容을 다 수용하지 못하고 있다. (3) 敎科書의 理論, 實技 및 保健面의 構成比率은 敎科課程에 提示된 構成比率을 무시하고 保健面에 置重하고 있다. (4) 敎科書의 領域別 單位配當은 保健面에 많은 比率을 두고 있으며 理論中心으로 構成되었다. (5) 敎科課程과 指導書의 領域別 單位配當은 指導書 構成比率이 다르게 나타내고 있어 實際 授業指導 活動에 많은 애로점이 있을 것이다. (6) 敎科書와 指導書의 領域別 單位은 모두 保健面에 많이 배당하고 自由選擇과 舞踊에는 적게 配當하고 있다.
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