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중화사상과 중국현대광고 연구

중화사상과 중국현대광고 연구
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A study of chinese Thoughts and Chinese Mordern Advertisment
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대학원 정보디자인과
이화여자대학교 대학원
없음;The Republic of china with ambitions to be the center of the world! Strong tenacity of one nation with two governments; strong cohesive power of family and territorial ties; late- bloomer spirit and so on. These are the reasons that despite it is a country of socialistic bureaucracy somewhat lagging behind, it can be not be treated easily. It is apparent that Chinese advertisements and the expressional directions in film making are in accordance with the standards of international evaluation, whether it is intentionally or not. Perhaps the day may come soon when the family-oriented advertisements of Japan would be behind those of China in expressional level. Different aesthetics between Korea, Japan and China will continue with their cultural consistency. We have generalized the Chinese people and culture through fragmentary personal understanding and contacts. Particularly it is essential ti consider regional characteristics in relation ti such a huge market as China. There has appeared little aesthetics as an academic field in China, yet aesthetical thoughts, especially confucian, Taoist and Buddhist thoughts, have utilized basic aesthetical concepts to form Eastern aesthetics. Western aesthetics pursues artistic creativity and representations through beauty, experiences and interpretation of those experiences but China pursues them through virtue, social of etiquette and music, and experiences. Therefore, the Study of advertisement should connect Western aesthetics with Chinese social and aesthetical codes and explore the modernity being formed in the cultural scenes of contact between the East and West. The range of aesthetical value can be identified by ideological philosophical thoughts which have formed the universal structures of our life, and this is to understand our mind, the subject creating aesthetical values. This study analyzes the launching projects of Korean advertising industries into the Chinese market and the actual conditions of the Chinese advertising business with which the former should confront it prepare the future business with China soaring up to the world and future.
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