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발의 위치와 호흡이 안정에 미치는 영향

발의 위치와 호흡이 안정에 미치는 영향
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
무용수에게 있어 가장 기본이 되고 중요한 것은 무용수 자신의 신체운동 능력이다. 즉 무용수 자신의 신체내의 긴장과 이완에 대한 의식을 전제로 한 정적안정능력(Static Balance), 빠른 외전이나 돌진하고 전도하는 등의 위험한 자세로부터 안정을 피할 수 있는 동적안정능력(Dynamic Ballance) 등이 무용수의 기본이 된다 함은 주지의 사실이며 특히 발레에 있어서는 안정이 생명이라고 할 수 있을 정도로 무용수의 안정능력은 매우 중요하다 아니할 수 없다. 외국무용의 경우 신체훈련법에서 가장 중요하게 강조되고 있는 발의 턴아웃(외륜화, Turn Out)은 바로 안정과 깊은 관계가 있을 것이며 호흡의 변화 또한 안정에 영향을 미칠 것이라는 가정에 관심을 갖고 발의 위치와 호흡에 따라 달라지는 안정성을 구명하기 위하여 이화여자고등학교 무용부 학생들을 대상으로 신체평형측정기(Body Equilibrium Meter)에 의해 측정한 결과 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 발의 위치가 1도에 가까울수록 좌우평형능력에서 높은 안정감을 나타냈으며 60도에 가까울수록 전후평형능력에서 높은 안정감을 나타내었다. 2. 외국 무용부 학생이 한국 무용부 학생에 비해 발의 위치와 호흡의 상태에 관계없이 어떤 경우에도 좌우, 전후평형능력이 모두 높았다. 3. 안정을 피하기 어려운 자세(발의 위치가 60도일 때, 드는 다리의 높이가 높아졌을 때)일수록 흡기상태가 정상 호흡 때보다 안정성이 높았다. 4. 무용경력이 많아질수록 전후평형능력에서 안정감이 높은 것으로 나타났다. 5. 호흡과 좌우, 전후 축과의 상관관계에서, 드는 다리가 높아졌을 때는 흡기상태에서 낮은 상관관계를, 정상호흡에서는 높은 상관관계를 나타냈으며 한국 무용부 학생들은 흡기, 정상호흡에서 모두 높은 상관관계를 나타내었다. 6. 무용경력과 좌우, 전후 축의 안정성의 상관관계에서 경력이 가장 많은 학생이 낮은 역상관관계를 나타내었다.;The field of manufacturing and production was researched and investigated for the improvement of productivity which is the greatest purpose of national & enterprise's development in order to induce affirmatively the role and contribution of the national economy of the small & medium industries of our country in this thesis. Furthermore, this study was based on the establishment of basic strategy to forward the small & medium industries and scheme of improvement for the labor productivity improvement of small & medium industries on the basis of confronting problems which were shown the obstructing factor of labor productivity owing to only deal with human factors. Accordingly, the significance was laid on to present the progressive milestone of small & medium industries by improving the problems of productivity. The main way of research using in this thesis was referred to the related literatures at home and abroad and various statistic materials of the affiliated research professional organizations such as the Small & Medium Industry Cooperative Central Association, the Small & Medium Industry Promotion Corporation, the Small & Medium Industry Bank, the Small & Medium Industry Academic Society, and the Korea Productivity Center with the second materials from various periodical or non-periodical publications, and reported of research. Two methods of grouping for the classified time of improvement of productivity of Korean Small & Medium Industries to be developed by which way and individual investigation for the subject as an individual description would be partially used, in this thesis. The numerical value of labor productivity of each Small & Medium Industry was based on the standard of the year of 1970 in this thesis by comparison with the year of 1984 but the unpreparedness of the materials in related to the labor productivity of the Small & Medium Industry is chiefly because the materials which were collected from the organizations including Korea Productivity Center which investigated for the productivity of Korea was only inevitably utilized. The limits of research of this thesis was limitedly investigated by putting importance in the side of labor factor of labor productivity mainly for the productivity improvement of Korean Small & Medium Industry as well as shown on the above Theme and by-Theme. The productivity is the kennel of improvement of productivity and could be classified in the factor of inside of industry concentrating industry as the main body and another factor of outside of the industry. Above all, the essential important element of the productivity can be largely divided into non-labor factor as machine installment or techniques and labor factor like personnel management, labor administration and training. Consequently, this theis was described and illustrated with centering latter part of human sources of labor factor. In order to build up this thesis, the general theory was dealed with relation of Small & Medium Industry and Productivity Improvement in Chapter II after introduction, and the important content~ were researched the various particularities and roles including concept of the Small & Medium Industry and principles of productivity improvement and basic idealogy like method of propulsion. In Chapter III, the total actuality & status in labor productivity of the Small & Medium Industry in our country was aheadly grasped and nest, current status of labor productivity which was classified by industry of the Small & Medium Industry was searched and in conclusion, the actual statuses were analyzed through comparison and analysis between Korea and Japan by utilizing the possible materials and informations. In Chapter IV, the obstructing factor for labor productivity improvement of the Small & Medium Industry and it's problem were examined. The problems are 1) the problem of general personnel management, 2) lack of structure of consciousness of organizors of industry, 3) decline of wage level 4) unsufficiency of technical manpower 5) formation of management of joint labor council, 6) unpreparedness of educational training and 7) higher separation rate of labors and researched. In Chapter V, the improvement plan and method were suggested for labor productivity improvement of the Small & Medium Industry in the basis of problems and currently facing subjects which were shown as the obstructing factors for the labor productivity improvement of the Small & Medium Industry in previous Chapter. The improvement schemes are like followings: 1) Systematizing and efficiency of personnel management. 2) Recognization for labor productivity improvement of employees and administrator. 3) To make active for system and strengthen training of productivity. 4) To secure the capable technical manpower and engineers. 5) To strengthen re-training and bringing up technicians by own industry. 6) Rationalize the wage system. 7) To make active labor management conference. In Chapter VI, the conclusion was made after summing up details described in former Chapters. The economy in our country could be perfect solidifying situation as the semi-developed country by making improvement of labor productivity. Especially, in national economy, the improvement of productivity of the Small & Medium Industry is so much important in comparison with large scale industry in classifications of Multiplity, industry, employment manpower or business systems in the national economy in widely and great density. The economic development of a nation is directly related with the national development. Accordingly, the equal development of pattern economy through productivity improvement of the Small & Medium Industry should be a motivation to make fair distribution of results and continuous efforts and positive and capable premise to make individuals of employees of the Small & Medium Industry as well as every people of the nation should be followed.
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