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흰쥐의 체조직 구성성분에 미치는 식이제한의 영향

흰쥐의 체조직 구성성분에 미치는 식이제한의 영향
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대학원 가정학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Metabelic effect of body nitrogen due to severe caloric restriction at the level of 75% has been studied on the Albino Rats. Thirty males and the same numbers of females weighing 40±2g were included as experimental group and 10 rats, five females and five males were set as standard group in this study. Experimental group were divided into four groups 10 rats sach in both sexes. After feeding Ad Libitum for first six-weeks, experimental group were fed at three different levels of food restriction, 25%, 50% and 75% for eight weeks and control groups remained Ad Libitum until end of this study. 1) The body weights of females were more deereased than the males on the 75% restriction condition. The weight ration of livers in the males and the females were generally decreased with the increasing the degree of restriction, but not obserned any significant differences in weights of hearts, adrenals and brains. 2) Nitrogen metabolosm and total nitrogen retention were not variad on the 50% restriction but decreased on the 75% restriction. The rationn of nitrogen retention in the liver, spleen and gastroonemius tissue were more increased in the females than in the males in spit of severe restriction. The decreasing of body weights on 75% restriction suggested that some other constitusents than nitrogen were decreased. 3) In the blood serum glucese was decreased remarkablt on the 75% restriction, and total cholesterol was retained constantly. Free cholesterol was decreased and esterified cholesterol was inreased. 4) Obearving blood picture the sffects of caloric restriction were not appeared any markable change but the size of blood cell was decreased with the increasing of caloric restriction.
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