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이조자수에 관한 연구

이조자수에 관한 연구
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대학원 자수과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Embroidery, in the realm of art, expresses the fellings a man experiences and is conscious of. in this paper,its artistic sense, character of aesthetic value and its transition will be received. Understanding sense, as we Koreans experience and know it, I want to make the characteristics of embroidery clear and approach aesthetic research about Korean Embroidery as the subject of this thesis. A study of these works must be limited from the Lee Dynasty to today, because the few remaining works date from that time and not before it. However, works before the Lee Dynasty, can be traced through literature. In this research, first I am concerned with the aesthetic principle (namely visual elements, materials and technique) and second with the works. Summary of the conclusion of the thesis: 1. The whole field of Korean Embroidery material, technique, subjectmatter and style etc.-was been transformed with the change of environment under foreign influences (Chinese, Japanese and Western). Namely, they painted and embroidered landscape, flowers and birds as subject-matter during the Lee Dynasty. After the 19th century, the realm of subjectmatter is more extensive. Today, the subjectmatter is showing a tendency toward the abstract. In the area of form; they expressed space by oriental painting during the Lee Dynasty, now, by western formative space. 2. In the Lee Dynasty, embroidery was deprived of originality because the embroiderer worked with original paintings by a painter. As they represented really expressed original painting, technique was developed. 3. After the 19th century, inflow of western embroidered extinguished the traditional Korean embroidery. Here, a problem of succeeding the traditional Korean embroidery is come to the fore. For this, we should study the feelings of Korean traditional embroidery, absorb faithfully the good points of western embroidery and create works on the ground of our own aesthetic sense.
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